Witton Trail 4

Hi all

Just trying to drum up some support for my small race next Friday. This is race 5 in the ukresults/Sweatshop Chorley Challenge and an easy one to gain a few points over your rivals (well, when I say 'easy' I'm not referring to the hill climb of course!).

"Cheap as chips" event - your entry fee includes up to £1 of grub/drinks at the cafe after you've finished. Small prize list (mostly alcoholic) as we don't know how many of you will arrive on the night so we can't go to great expense with prizes (and it gives us something to drink if you don't get here!)

Free results on the night. Junior race too (<2 miles, ages 10 to 17), so bring the kids along!

See you on the 11th!


  • Good luck with it UKRM.

    Everybody i know who has done this race recommends it.

    I'd love to do it, but you know where i'll be.
  • really must have a word with that Phil Roberts guy.....
  • I've already entered - it's my second time to do it. I have to travel from Leeds on the train and then walk to Witton Park (I only know my way via Revidge which lengthens the journey) but it's worth it as Witton Park is such a great place to run!

    I hope the downhills are as steep as they were the last time, I've noticed the route change on your map.
  • Hi

    Glad you've entered - hope your train is on time! Catch the 152 from outside the railway station - drops you off near the park entrance on Preston Old Road. Or get the local train to Cherry Tree and jog back towards Blackburn for less than 5 minutes. Contact me if you need further info.

    Yes - the downhills are still there! Up and down now use basically the same route as we're always short of marshals. The route around the top of the hill has changed a little, but not much.
  • No, that should be fine, John. Thanks for that. I'll try to get some more clubmates coming, if I can.
  • the more the merrier - I'll buy extra wine and beer for prizes then......
  • Still loads of room for everyone at this event - weather looks like it should be kind as well (probably kiss of death there...)
  • Where are the results for this race?
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