Asics 2090

Does anyone know when the new Asics 2090 is released. I don't want to pay full whack for a pair now as I heard a rumour the new version was out in June?

Anyone know what the real deal is???



  • Dibble
    The 2090 is out now (1st June release), I collected mine last week, the same day I pulled my hamstring, and so have only managed to wear them in the house.
    The ladies is grey and purple and feels really cumfy, maybe I'll get to run in them soon
  • I was thinking of getting some of those. Do I take it there is an older version of the 2090 then ? If so, what is the difference ?
  • oh really... isnt it just a coluor change mid season? They usually change the name - 126 > 2080 > 2090 ? hmmm

    Im going to go look now!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    asics usually release two colourways of their core models, so two colourways of 2090, kayano 10, etc.

    There is no difference between two different colourways of a 2090 except for cosmetics.

    when the shoe is updated for the next season, they will change the name e.g. from 2080 to 2090 there were technical differences in the shoes.
  • ditto.. what I thought > phew....

    Yeah - its just a colour or as they say 'color' change.

    Shadow/Storm/Colt Blue

    Still nice of them to change the colour. I can keep an eye on my 2 pairs then.
  • I bought two pairs of the new 2090 GT's before Prague this May.

    I was an avid 2080 GT fan, and these new ones are even better - a softer ride, but just as much support.

    I got my second pair for £60 online as a promo - shop around.
  • Anyone else find these are on the small side?
    My normal size felt too tight in the shop, a full size up felt lovely.
    It wasn't till I went out in the buggers that they started to feel a bit loose.
    Bugger - shoulda went for a half size, eh?
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