Physio, Dr or Podiatrist

I'm back again 3 weeks into my injury that should have lasted 2 - and no I haven't been running as tempting as it has felt at times. What should I do I have been seeing a physio who told me I had torn something in my arch although the pooling of blood and bruising was under the metartarsal of the toe next to tiny. Told to rest and it would heel. Unfortunately every now and again the bruising reappears after no strenuous activity or trauma. Physio still says rest and he is manipulating the bones on the top of my foot as he says they are very rigid. He says he has never seen the bruising that I'm getting before. Do I stick with the physio or see someone else? I've accepted not being able to run but just want to know whats going on with my foot. I had been wearing orthotics for six months but stopped wearing them as causing more problems than I had before. I had been running about 6 weeks without them when injury occured. Help anyone!!


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    No idea but you may as well go and see your GP - nothing to lose by it and they might know something or think it worth referring you.
  • Thanks popsider - my hubbie says the same thing and at least the GP is free. I'll try and make an appointment for this week.
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