Long lasting racers ?

Does anybody know of any long lasting but low profile racers ?

I've been wearing New Balance RC150's for the last couple of months and whilst they've been great they're worn through after only 180 miles.


  • I've been running pose/forefoot with the Mizuno Revolver. Done about 100K and they seem fine so far, hardly any signs of wear at all. Done road, track and trail in them.
  • What colour are your 150s, Tom.

    My Red & White and Red & Black pairs are wearing fairly quickly (but nothing like 180M - more like 400+), while the Petrol & White ones just go on & on! Weird!

    May look at the revolver at some point, but it looks higher off the ground than the 150s.
  • The revolver is higher, but only by 0.5 cm. My running style didn't seem to be different from running barefoot, so the heel size doesn't seem to be a problem with pose.

  • May try them when my 10+ pairs of 150s are dead... ;-)
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    shocking - pantman appearing on a thread relating to RC150s? you never know, he might start appearing on the pose thread soon?!
  • :-P

    I'm not really a proper Pose runner, AJ, but I do love my 150s!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    i'd noticed you had a slight affection for them...!
  • Mine 150s are getting worn, but what the heck? It's not like I've lost any cushioning or support,is it?
  • LOL - exactly! I have two pairs which are almost at the hole stage - planning to get new outsole put on the front and just keep going with them. How worn are yours, Tom?
  • The outsole has gone on the very outer edge of the heel but I'm not too worried about that. The main problem is a large hole under my big toe.

    They're the fast feet ones - white with red trim, with red rubber outsole.

    I thought about patching them up with something - araldite maybe ? Epoxy resin should be hard wearing but maybe a bit too hard.

    £25 for 180 miles - that's more expensive than running my car !!
  • My red ones have worn quicker than the blue ones - weird!
    Same place too - under big toe.

    I'll let you know how the repairs go!
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