Marathon Sep 2003

I am looking ahead to next year with a possible Marathon in England/Scotland in September. Does anyone know of September Marathons at this early stage ?


  • New Forest Marathon in September.
  • Robin Hood Marathon (Nottingham) is in September, 14th I think.
  • cardiff, tho course involves 10 miles up and backon a dual carriageway
  • Sean,

    Thanet Marathon (Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate) first or second week in September.

    Coastal, mostly flat - fast if don't get a strong sea breeze.
  • Loch Ness marathon at the end of September.
  • The Wolverhampton Marathon usually takes place at the beginning of September.

    Apparently there is a new course that everyone is raving about!!
  • Hello Guys

    many thanks for the replies on the list of Marathons,now I have to get out and trian for one !!
  • Which one aare you doing sean
    Bound to be some forumites there
  • boing for oracle
  • THe Robin Hood is a good one - you get your time micro chipped as you cross the start and finish so you get an accurate time, easy parking right next to the start, sports drinks at every drinks station, plenty of support, fastish course, takes automatic photos of you at a couple of stages of the course and tries to flog them to you for £11 a time - I'm planning to make it my first crack at the full distance.
  • WOT???
    wasnt even drunk:)
  • Hi there Benz

    Have not decided yet,maybe Cardiff,in a nutshell I amrunning nearly 20 years,started with a few Marathons,they eventuallyknocked me backthrough injury and some bad preparation. Got back eventually,concentrated on X Cnty/10K and reaped the benefits. So I think the challenge beckons again. Would be grateful of course for any advice


  • im sure cardiff will improve next year, theyve just asked us to fill in a feedback form.
    Scenery is quite good, except for the dual carriageway bit
    Only my first marathon, so know nothing
    Ate no food, didnt train properly, at least i finished!!
    Speak soon, gotta go and do more stuff now
    best of luck:)
  • If I don't get a place in the ballot for London I think I will attempt the Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon next September - the only problem is that it is the week before the GNR and I fancy that as well.

    I did the Robin Hood Half in 2002 and really enjoyed it - a well organised run !

    If I do get in the FLM I will see how that goes before committing myself to the full marathon distance !!
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