Blisters - I know it's been done before

Morning all, I bought new shoes 6 weeks ago and they have been nothing but problems, blisters under the arch. So I changed the insole and now have blisters along the heel which are very big and sore should I bin the shoes, and what do I do about the blisters. Thank you


  • hi ph0enix.

    See this thread -

    I ran another 10k yesterday and the socks I was recommended in the this thread seem to work. Also to treat the blisters you currently have try a Compeed Blister kit, it acts as a second layer of skin, they take away a lot of the soreness and also help to clear up the blister quickly.

    Apparently RW are giving away 50 blister kits this month to subscribers (pulled out of a hat). Not sure what the blister kit is, but might be worth looking at to see if they work.
  • i always pop them with a needle -unsterilised -and then just dab them on a tissue -

    if its torn or big might protect it with a plaster but otherwise find once the swelling and fluid has gone it stops being painful and just heals up

    -unless you put the offending shoes back on
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