Sunday session (11/8)

Drew & WildWill are racing; MartinH is visiting the folks in N Wales, and no-one else has got up in time - so I'll start things off today.

What: Steady 45+ minute run - this will be very long for me! Route not yet decided, but likely to be multi terrain (road + Thurstaston Hill + Wirral Way for anyone who knows west Wirral)
Why: Trying to add some mileage bearing in mind some 10Ks coming up in next couple of months.

last rest day: Saturday (completely - rain did for cricket)
last hard day: Friday


  • Well, i really didn't feel like going out this morning, but i forced myself to give it 10 minutes - ended up doing 12.5 miles over hill and dale round the local villages. Steady pace, keeping to under 70% on HRM most of the time. Saw pack of cyclist from local club, a few odd cyclists on their own and two horserider, also a long traffic jam of people waiting to enter the local war games day. (There are some odd people around!!)

    Last rest day - yesterday (Saturday)
    Last hard day - Thursday (3 mins hard, 1 min recovery x 5, 6 mins recovery then repeat)
  • Didn't quite make 45 minutes - 44:38 to be precise. Probably covered 10K or slightly more over undulating terrain (grass, sandstone, road, track, bark, mud...)
  • Mike S

    Are you running Hoylake 10k. Used to live on the Wirral Peninsula (Dahling).Quite fancy giving that one a go.

    Well done Will.

    Sunday Training:6 miles long slow run along Morecambe Prom. in the rain, using HRM trying to keep heart rate below 140bpm is very difficult.
  • Planned my first long slow. Ran with my new Camelbak (still can't get the new plastic taste out) plus OS map, compass, and watch. Planned for 80 mins slow BUT two foot paths disappeared - so ended up doing 11 miles
  • Wicked Witch,

    Yes I'll be doing the Hoylake 10K on 15/9 . At least this year's isn't scheduled to clash with a high tide. Last year's was, and this, in connection with a windy, squally day, led to the coastguard putting out a flood warning and blocking access to the embankment east of Leasowe Lighthouse. So the 10K became an 8K... or thereabouts.

    If you haven't done it before - don't expect a PB if the wind blows! Also, watch out for the 6th kilometre (after turning at halfway) - it's difficult underfoot, whether wet or dry.

    Hope to see you there.
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