First Race -Right Decision?

Hi there everyone,
This is my fist posting to the forums and judging by all the other threads I'm hopeful of some useful advice.
I've been running now since June and am loving it. I can easily do about 4-5 miles but have only gone further than that once so far. I have good recovery times and always feel that I could go further at the end of a run than I have done.
I've registered for a 10k at the end of the month and am looking forward to it but as I haven't ever run that distance I done't know if I can.
Any ideas or encouragement would be gratefully received.


  • Mavis if you can run 4-5 miles comfortably and feeling if you could have gone further, you'll have no problem doing 10k.

    Don't go off too fast and just enjoy your first race.

    Good luck!
  • Good luck Mavis. You should be able to do the distance easily. Just ake it easy as Hilly says. Which 10k are you doing? Some other forumites may be there. Have a look on the 'events' thread.
  • if you warm up and warm down then you have probably already 'run' 10k - about 6 miles.
  • You can. Just keep telling yourself that.
  • Mavis, I have run 5.4 miles in preparation for a 10k in 2 weeks time, and at the end of it I feel like I am dying, so I don't think you'll have a problem!
  • The furtehst I'd been before my first 10k was 7k (about 4.4 miles) and it was fine.

    As has already been said, don't start too fast, and you'll get there :o)
  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement.
    I went out today and actually ran for an hour as I think this'll be about how long it will take me to do a 10k - and it was fine. I think a lot of this is in the mind! It's the 10k in Stranraer in the far South West of Scotland so it may be the waether rather than my legs that causes any bother!
    Thnkas again - I've read the forums but it's really nice of people to take the time to post encouragement!
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