Im the king of the world!!!!!!!

I am training for the flm and have only been running 3 weeks from scratch. Today in the pouring rain i ran 5 miles for the first time, i didn't stop once and did it in 45 mins.

I felt great, i cant believe in 3 weeks i have done this. Running my first race the leeds 10k on 1/12/02 the way i feel right now i think iam going to win it!!!!!!!!!!


  • Whats your secret
    ive been running for, ages, well outside since may, done a marathon and a half, and couldnt even DREAM of running 5 miles in45
    Either, your in your 20s , or im fat, or both!!!
    Well done, especially for going out in the rain
    Whats your target time for FLM
  • I am over weight and 29. I am shocked myself i couldn't believe how good i felt. I have been running 2.5 mile 3 mornings a week b 4 work until today. I have not really set a target other than getting round, iam not really sure about what pace i should be running at etc.
  • Good show. Don't overdo it, though, build up gradually and make sure to take days off.

    Before you know it, a run like today's will be just a warmup for the real session. Keep at it!
  • Its great
    well done :)
  • Nice one Martin! It's amazing how it's all relative. AS Muttley says it will get to seem like a very short run in a month or two. I recall one conversation at work from the build up to the London Marathon earlier this year:

    Me: I'm going out for a short run tonight.

    Colleague: How far?

    Me: About ten miles.

    Colleague: Ten miles - short???

    And indeed it is when you're doing 18 miles or more every Sunday!

    Keep going Martin, and see you at FLM2003!
  • and you drink Iain
    Shows it can be done
  • Congrat's Martin :) I clearly remember the thrill of my first 5 mile run last year - it was a greater buzz even than the half and full marathons that came after it. 5 miles from nothing is such a long way - I felt as though I'd entered the ranks of the "real" runners! Well done :)
  • well done mate, congrats to you, keep up the good work, look forward to hear how you get on with your 10k.

    well done again.
  • Hey Martin, that's brilliant. Well done!
  • Great one mate, well done.
  • Well done Martin, it feels great to know you have achieved a distance that seemed far away a few weks ago dosen't it. Be careful you do not do too much. Have a couple of rest days per week and build up gradually. Joining a club near you, it is a great help to you for support, encourage ment and advice. keep goning you can achieve more yet.
  • Brilliant, well done Martin

    Having run & given up loads of times over the years (I'm 29 in my mind but nowhere else!) I started again this year. It took me four runs to get up a nearby hill, now I deliberately pick that route sometimes because it's there & I like to remember how I've improved

    Good luck
  • Well done Martin

    I too ran 5 miles on Sunday. It was the first time I had done this distance and did not stop once.

    However it took me nearly 57 minutes....
  • Well done, Martin - that's brilliant! Hope you're feeling very proud. And all the very best for the Leeds 10k - at this rate you'll glide round!
  • Brilliant Martin..I wondered how you were getting on. I'm 10 years older than you and now up to 4.5 miles in 45 obviously need to try harder!! Good luck in Leeds 10k, I'm sure you'll be great. Look forward to hearing how you get on as I'm doing Cayton Christmas Cracker 10k on 8th Dec and need some inspiration. Still waiting to hear if I've got a place in FLM.
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