Music to plod by

Hello, just wondered what music people liked to plod (run) by, just being nosey and looking for inspiration.


  • Hard banging techno.

    Although at the mo its Meltdown by Ash and the new Avril Lavigne album.

  • oh, what is the new avril like??
  • Yes its worth it.

    Just got the Pixies, Wave of Mutilation too so may have to stick that on the MP3 too - can feel some long runs coming on.

  • Franz Ferdinand - upbeat and happy
    Scissor Sisters - zany and just plain weird takes your mind off the pain!
  • I gave my mp3 to a friend to do a compolation, is now very varied, dolly parton, beetles, darkness??
  • Tried running and weight-training to new Velvet Revolver album last night and today everything aches.
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