Hell's Kitchen

Okay okay! I confess that I watched Hell's kitchen and enjoyed it! (blows the socks of big brother)
Got me thinking though........
what about HELLS RUNNERS, get a group of Celebs etc and get them to do a 10k in a month...
Who would you nominate as coach?
what about the runners?


  • I was so glad that Jen won, what a sweetie :-)
  • You could have Harvey as coach ( from fat camp celebrities)
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    So Bill any celebrities in mind!!!!!!

    Glad Jen won as well
  • One or two of the super fit celebs who did "the games" and came out sparkling (only jelous that they were able to devote so much time to training!)

    You have to have someone you would think would be a bit useless but really comes through.... Johnny Vaughan? Jeremy Clarkson?
  • Good prog, watched the lot...even 0n ITV2

    Mmmmmmm, lovely, lovely, Jen.....
  • I don't know how to amuse myself of an evening now. Defo beats BB carp.

    Didn't you think it was all a bit of an anti climax though?

    Hells runners great idea. Harvey would be the best coach...or Gordan Ramsey he's done at least one marathon hasn't he? he would know it all then.

    Runners that will be harder.
  • My nominations so far:
    John Prescott
    Ainsley Harriot
    "Paddy" from Emmerdale (how sad am I)
    Dale Winton
    Richard and Judy
    Fern Britton
    The fat bloke who did Pie in the sky and was harry potters dad

    I'll go and hide in a dark place whilst someone else suggest some more deserving celebs....................
  • Bill s

    I like your list so far they get my vote apart from john prescott just cos I really dislike him and...no actually your right keep im in...not richard cos he's an annoyingsmarmy plonker who would probably end up liking it.

    Antony worrel thomson...he's also annoying so he could do with a bit of a severe plodding.
  • How about Richard Caborn ....appearently he's minister for sport.

    Oh and for coaches I'd like Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson: no idea if they know anything about running but I'd like to see the celebs get battered with cricket bats and frying pans etc
  • come to think of it though, I only watched Fit Club once and that Harvey bloke told someone who was pleased with a 2lb weight loss "Hell, I could crap more than that right now"

    V amusing....
  • A fine idea! Barry from Eastenders should do it. And Harry Redknapp.
  • Richard Blackwood (Although he'd probably be desperate to do it, so perhaps not…)
    Michael Barrymore
    David Pleat
    The cast of Dead Ringers
  • Simon Cowell - see him suffer for a change
    Chris Moyles
    David Brent
    Ron Atkinson

  • Pat & Moe from Eastenders
    Fred Elliott from Corrie
    Ant & Dec
    Simon Cowell
  • oooh twin dad snap re: SC!
  • I like your Fred Elliot idea
  • Big Ron Atkinson would be ace!
  • I think to make Ron Atkinson be a good choice we would need a vocal and outspoken black person who didn't like him and was willing to tell him so on a regular basis
  • 50 Cent
  • I think teams of 2 would be good
    Antony Worral Thompson & Gordon Ramsey
    Big Ron & Ian Wright
    Norma Major & Edwina Currie

    They have to live & train together.
  • How about the Chelsea player he made comments about?
  • Marcel Desailly.
  • Sitting bull like your idea and suggested teams.

  • That big fat darts player who's a Millwall fan.

    Russell Grant as well.
  • why does it necessarily have to be anyone on the larger side? Surely the competition would be who could improve their time the most...
  • I think that seeing some lardy celeb running may be the only thing that'll show some of our couch potato population what they look like when they move and may get them up and excerising.

    Anyway, more suggested teams

    Phil the Greek & Ken Hom
    Vinnie Jones & Kenny Branagh
    Fergie & Becks
  • Dwain Chambers and Paula Radcliffe
    prince charles and diana's butler
    jimmie tarbuck and bruce forsyth - no reason - just be funny to see them out running together
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