Glucosamine Sulphate & Omega 3 Fish Oils

I have been organising the Goody bags for the Marlow Half Marathon, and have come across a company who agreed to give away a bottle of Glucosamine Sulphate and Omega three fish oils if the runners pay the postage and packing.
They then went on to say that they would give the same deal to anyone who rings them on 0870 8877043 between 9.00am to 9.00 pm(m-f) Sat 10.00am to 4pm. Quote the following Product code #1300. ID 312226 and media code CP4A
Postage and packing is £5.85
I have used the product as I tend to be injury prone around the knees and have found it to be very good.



  • PS they will also send a copy of the Cambridge Institute for health report on Glucosamine and fish oil
  • Sounds a lot of money for postage and packing. Then again I was born cynical
  • you can get them cheaper than that in Holland & Barretts' sale.
  • They'll also include a can of spam - absolutely free!
  • Spam. Great. Now that's a real bargain
  • Spam fritters
    Briught up on those at school
  • I just brought them up at school...

    Have to agree - the P&P is exhorbitant, I can go down the road and get a bottle for that price!
  • you could run down the road:)
  • Caustic comments about this glucosamine nonsense notwithstanding, I must say that the Marlow Half goody bag is well worth having: a quality T-shirt, lollipop, Mars Bar, pen, Compeed blister, Adidas shower gel, an apple, probably forgotten something as well. Given I paid seven or eight quid to enter, I'm impressed.

    A (virtual) round of applause from me to the Marlow Striders. Cheers, chaps! See you next year.
  • Glad you like the goody bags Muttley, its very pleasing to get feedback like this. I'LL pass on your comments. We had 1,178 runners this year our biggest ever field.

    With regard to the other comments all I will say is.
    "The bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the sweetness of low price"

    I have no axe to grind other than the company were generous enough to make the offer....why not give it a go

  • Made some enquiries about price of Postage etc..... The product comes in from the USA so thats why the p&p is the price it is.
  • A friend of mine who has sufferd a heart attack recently has been told by his rehab clinic not to take glucosomine due to the fact that it raises the blood presure,and increases the suger be awear and check with your G.p.before taking any supplements.
  • ooh sounds a great goody bag
    Well don to all who ran
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