Ear infection, any reason not to run?

Hi All

I have possibly got a ear infection (self diagnosed) and have an appointment to see company doctor tomorrow morning.

Is this any reason not to run today?

Also any idea what is likely to have caused this.

I eat a healthy diet, Wholemeal cereal, bread & pasta, Brown rice, lots of veg and fruit, low fat dairy, seeds & nuts to snack on, only use olive or hemp oil in diet, lean meats and fish. I feel I eat enough through out the day, 6 smaller meals, eat when hungry. Take Eskimo3 fish oil capsules (3 per day) and Joint Ace(glucosamine & Chondriton, 2 x 1000mg per day).

I have increased the amount of cross training (bike and weights) I have been doing recently although I have not really increased my food intake as I did not feel any hungryier (is that even a word?) than normal.

Could this be the problem? even though I don't feel I need any more food, not loosing or gaining weight.

I ran last Friday and for the first time in a long time I did not enjoy the run and found I struggled a little. On the day I put it down to the heat and humidity but then on Saturday I started to do a 30 min stationary bike, 90 min back, shoulder & arms, 30 minute bike workout and again struggled especially lifting and the weights are what I normally lift with no problem. Didn't do the last 30 min bike and have taken the weekend off and did SFA. Again the weather was pretty warm and humid.

I am itching to run today but looking for qualified advice.

I would also like to ask about taking a multi vit. Most of what I have looked at seem to all provide (or so they say) 100% of almost everything. As I eat healthy foods I am not sure if I am deficient in anything. I am not sure if active peeps need more of the vitamins than what is recommended on the lables on vit packs though I suspect yes.

Is there such a thing a a low dose multi vit as I have read that "OD ing" on certain vitamins is as bad as not getting enough.

Your advice would be appreciated.

Regards & Happy Running,



  • Hi MK!

    What symptoms are you getting from your ear?
  • Hi Vrap

    My ear feels all blocked up and if I press gently on the outside/underneath I can feel a kind of soreness inside.

    I don't have any ear ache or anything.

    It started on Sunday and the blocked feeling/discomfort when pressed was more noticeable yesterday and this morning but as today goes on it seems to be less noticeable.

    I try not frequent the GP too often and rather let things heal themselves. It's just due to the extra activity over the last few weeks and the way I felt Friday and Saturday I was afraid I might have run myself down a little as it is unusual for me to suffer with this kind of thing.

    Thanks for your response,

  • If it's painless it's unlikely to be an infection, Michael. Possibly very mild hayfever, with enough swelling of the lining of your nose to affect the movement of air in your middle ear and produce a "blocked" feeling, but not enough to make your nose feel blocked.

    I'd have thought it would be OK to run if you're otherwise fit.
  • michael - i'v run with an ear infection - so long as you dont feel dizzy or really ill then run - you can alway stop if you feel like cr@p. if you get antibiotics they can make you feel washed out - but if you feel ok to run then try it ....
  • Hi Vrap and phindragon

    Thanks for the replies. Actually went out for 6 easy miles and no problems.

    Will probably cancel GP appointment and see how it goes as ear does not feel nearly as sore to touch as yesterday or Sunday. Don't want to take up Dr's time or end up taking pills I do not need.

    I don't usually (that i know of) suffer with hay fever and don't have any of the other symptoms usually associated with hay fever. Is it possible to have mild hayfever and not suffer watery eyes, runny nose sneezing etc. Cut grass, flowers etc never bother me.

    Also if I may ask, do you think that I need to consider taking a multi vit given that I eat what I would consider a healthy diet? and if so is there any problems with the normal ones which seem to have 100% of RDA of everything or could you recommend a low dosage multi vit. Does such a thing exist?

    Regards and thanks again for your responses.

  • mate- if your ear gets bad again try using some simple ear drops or warming some olive oil (in micro for 10 secs) and putting in your ear- leave for a few mins then wipe it out. don't go sticking cotton buds in there- could just be that you've got some wax build up!
    and for your vits- i've heard that some vits aren't as well absorbed in tablet form, so thats something worth looking into- havent seen/heard of anyone od'ing from vits tho- so i think you'll be safe!!!!
  • Taking one of those cheap multivits with 100% RDA of everything won't do you any harm, Michael. It's when people take megadoses in the belief that they are harmless because they are "natural" but can have medicinal properties that problems arise.

    If your diet is otherwise good, and it sounds as if it is, any benefit from taking a vitamin supplement will be entirely a placebo effect.
  • Cheers Vrap

    Thanks again for your responses.

    Can I ask one more question if you don't mind.

    Does a GP/nutritionist/NHS offer any kind of test where they can check for vitamin or mineral deficiencies (SP)in the general public or is this something that is only available to the elite athletes or people with specific problems?

    Kind Regards,

  • Tests are available on the NHS, MK, but only where there is a reason to suspect a specific vitamin or mineral deficiency on clinical grounds.

    There are, of course, plenty of quack practitioners out there who will be delighted to "diagnose" you as being deficient in/intolerant of a whole range of foods and individual nutrients, and to sell you a "cure". I know you wouldn't go down that route, but just in case anyone is lurking...
  • Cheers Vrap

    You are an absolute star. Thanks a million for taking the time to respond.

    Kind regards,

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