size 3 feet- noone stocks & need mail order...

I have tried every sports shop in my area and cannot find any decent shoes in size 3 as most women's ranges go down to a 4. The kiddies' section is more fashion based and as I'm a beginner I want to give myself the best chance. Could anyone recommend a good mail order company ? I'm looking for a stability shoe as I don't know about my pronation yet. My running magazine has several companies but I'd really appreciate your opinions. Cheers all Vanessa


  • Hi, Vanessa, is size 3 your usual size ? If it is I would recommend you buy a size 4 as I was told you should get a size larger than you usually wear as your feet swell when you run and if they are too small you get lovely black toenails...

    good luck

  • Up & Running ( have kids' shoes in sizes 3 and 4 - New Balance and Nike Air Pegasus. Judging from the blurb, these are running, not posing, shoes. Might be worth asking them to see if these would be suitable for you?

    Incidentally, the webpage might be a bit shambolic but the mail order is a class act.

    Hope this helps.
  • ditto what scarlett1 says. I'm normally a 3, but always wear a size 4 running shoe or trainer.
  • New Balance women's range starts at a US size 5, this is a UK size 3.

    Try the webpage for stockists, or there should be a customer helpline number on there. You could also try the factory shops, they do mail order, but it'll be pot luck as to whether they've got the size/style you want.

    End of advert, back to doing some work....
  • Ditto Scarlet1 and Jo. My first shoes were the same size as my normal shoes (4) and I had real bother with bruised toenails. Then I went to a specialist shop and they gave me a size bigger. Felt a bit wierd to begin with but like wearing slippers when running now - hardly know they are there!
  • I've taken your advice and ordered a size up, Asics Gel 2070 as they seem to have good write ups for all rounder shoes. Right... just need to give up smoking now !
  • Funny you should say Asics Gel 2070 as they are what I use at the moment and are the "slippers" !! Can also recommend 1000 mile socks - never had a blister yet.
  • wicked, thanks M. now... to find the right over the shoulder boulder holder eh ?
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