Asics Cumulus v Asics Nimbus?

Hi there,

I bought a pair of Asics Cumulus as neutral shoes for my orthotics, and they seem to be working well. However, I've read that the Nimbus is the top of the Asics neutral shoe range. Does anyone have any experience of the difference between the two?

Also, although I like the Cumulus they feel rather heavy in comparison with the DS Gel Trainers I was using before. Are there any recommendations for a lighter neutral shoe?

Many thanks :)


  • Nimbus is better if you want a bit less weight in your shoes. It's my 2nd fave shoe for racking up the miles. First is a tie between 2070's and Saucony Nitrous.

  • The Nimbus is a great neutral cushioned shoe. I ran in them from the very first version but have now given up on them because Asics appear to be price fixing. Also, every time I've tried to get this shoe in the past year from three different running shops they have had no stock and have complained about supply problems from Asics.

    Having been a big Asics customer for ten years they have now lost me as a customer.

    I am now running in Adidas Supernova Cushion. £20 cheaper than the Nimbus and in my opinion a much better shoe. In fact I'd say it's the best basic training shoe I've ever had
  • with respect to the price fix, bought a pair of nimbusssses, at the full £85 stupid i know,
    but asked local shopkeeper about asics pricing
    he said the old days of getting asics at discount mail order were over as asics had sussed out and were holding back supplies of new gear so as to steady the high price

    sorry just thought id add this
    also given up on nimbusssses or nimbi now and returned to kayanos which i can still pick up last years models relatively! cheep

  • WP,
    Last year when I was out searching for a decent pair of trainers, I trawled the internet for info on the right shoes. In the end there was a toss up between the Cumulus III, Nimbus IV & Mizuno Wave Creation. All because of the cushioning. I am not a light weight runner & needed something just short of a pair of matresses for cushioning to off load the impact!
    In the end, I went for the Nimbus IV. After having tried on the others, I found that the Cumulus were not as comfortable and felt too rigid. The Mizuno's felt cushioned but were too narrow a fit for my plates. The Nimbus where a great buy, they served their purpose well (all training runs including the FLM 2002)all injury free. I paid the full £85 for them but for what they have been through, I think I got my moneys worth!
    Good luck in your hunt.
    Kev H.
  • For any girls out there, sweatshop have reduced these (Nimbus IV) to £60 at the moment.
  • WP.I have had Cumulus for almost a year and have no complaints about them.Great cushioning and not to heavy.Recently I decided to "upgrade" to Nimbus(£59.99 from Total Fitness)To be honest they are almost too cushioned for me but are improving with each run.I never had blisters with Cumulus but have had heel blisters with Nimbus.My opinion (13st "ewd git") is that it is not worth paying extra for the Nimbus.However shoes are very person specific.
  • Many thanks for your advice, folks. It sounds as though it's certainly worth giving the Nimbus IV a try. Slo Mo - there's a Sweatshop somewhere near me, so I'll give them a ring and see if they have my size.

    Thanks again :)
  • also one shoe (left) of the nimbus III always gave me a blister on arch of foot on runs in excess of 60 min so fixed it with sticking plaster?
    not good enough from asics
    kayanos have never given me probs and will now stick with them, unless they modify beyond all recognition in the future,
    seem to fet good prices for them from TFN
  • I have a pair of both and find the cushioning better on the Nimbus,as it should for the extra cost.I think they are both great shoes.
    Wore the Nimbus for my first Marathon in Dublin a few weeks ago and had no problems.
  • The Cumulus is slightly Wider than the Numbus although the Nimbus has more cushioning. I would say that the Cumulus is more suited to orthotics as at is slightly deeper at the rear so when an Orthotic insert is placed inside you are still sitting in the heel counter correctly, but this means nothing if they feel uncomfortable.

    The benefit of the Nimbus is that it does have more cushioning (which makes it 12 grams heavier (based on size 8)) and if you have fairly narrow feet then this would be better suited. Hope this helps
  • Many thanks, Pete - that's very helpful. I was actually quite keen to go out and try the Nimbus, but after reading through the thread I'm not so sure now. I'm concerned that they might be too narrow at the front (sick of black toenails!), and I don't like the idea that they're heavier than the Cumulus. For now I'll stick with what I've got. Many thanks again - it's very helpful indeed to read the comments of those of you who've tried them :)
  • Funnily enough I bought a pair of Nimbus last week from Run and Become in Cardiff. Couple of points: 1st, got a bit too excited in the shop and parted with the full up £85.00 and found them cheaper by looking up one of the sites in RW when I got home...Moral of this tale: "try on in shop but buy off net". 2nd point, tried them out in the gym on Saturday and a 6.5 miler on Sunday and found blistering a problem on my right heel and arch of left others have experienced same seems a bit of a coincidence!! Will persevere for now due to the outlay (doh!) but will certainly go with my haed and not my heart next time!!
    Good Running till next time!
  • WP - I wore Cumulus at the Bristol Half and ended up with a Black Toenail - my second toe is longer than my big toe. I've switched to Nike Air Pegasus 2000 and up half a size and so far np more problems. The Pegasus is a good reasonably light neutral shoe - I am however not totally comfortable with buying Nike products but they seem best for my feet.
  • WP - sorry forgot to mention that I bought Cumulus which I found v comfortable as the forefoot was quite wide (as I have big wide feet) and Nike do a wide fit in the Pegasus if this is important to you. I know that the Pegasus comes in a 2002 version but I'm happy with the 2000.
  • Huw - I know all about going with heart rather than head when buying exciting new kit is concerned... I'm sorry to hear about your blisters, but I hope the Nimbus may still settle down for you. You're right - £85 is a lot of money when they turn out to be uncomfy...

    Guestie - many thanks for the advice on the Nike. I've never tried those on, but I'll look out for them in the running shop. Thanks again :)
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