No running for four weeks

I will have to stop running for four weeks from the 24th Nov. I'm upto about 12 mile long runs with 3 other 40min training sessions in the week.

This query is on the off chance I am in.

I'm not looking to beat any records but I would like to run the whole way at about the 4 hr 30/45 min mark. Could I make it?


  • Yes!!!!!
    Plenty of time to get ready, and if you are up to 12 miles now, you should be able to do it!
    Godd luck and hope to see you there.
  • You shouldn't have a problem with time to get ready for the marathon. You have a solid base at the moment is there a chance you'll be able to do any fitness in those four weeks off running?
  • Good grief yes! Some people will make it round and won't start training until January, whereas you're already nearly at half marathon distance. I suspect that you'll be able to run another few miles by Nov 24th, so even if you lose a bit of fitness and can "only" do 12 mile runs again when you re-start, you're a hell of a long way up on lots of people.

    I read once that the average weekly mileage for marathon finishers was 32 milers. Bearin gin mind that there are quite a few doing more, that means there are quite a few getting round on less as well.
  • Hilly

    I can probably do some indoor cycling (yuk) but nothing too strenous (spelling?)I can walk as much as I like.

    I'm having my eyes lasered and I don't want to jepordise my recovery.
  • you should be totally fine....if you're on 12 miles now you've got the psychological side of the long run sorted.... i mean you can get round a 4 miler even if you really really don't want to go running, but a 12 miler takes mentally getting your head round the fact that you've got a fair bit of pounding ahead and there's that thing about getting into the run which is so essential for marathons.
    yeh...when you start running again build up your mileage over a few weeks and then continue the good'll probably be surprised that it just ain't that bad!
    i'd be more worried about having to go cold turkey for a month....i used to dream about running when i was injured....ok...well i'm sad ;)
    one thing you could do is lots of long walks to get used to spending time on your'll also remind your legs they're still loved and it's not so bad for cardio, especially if you up the pace a bit....i do walks at about 12-13 min/mile and i can definitely feel my pulse get up...
    good luck
  • No problem! You may even benefit from the complete rest, as long as you ease back into running sensibly when you can go again. Good luck :)
  • Thanks for the support, I'm going to use the time to lose a bit more weight so I can start again a better size for running :-)

    No glasses or lens either:-)
  • Were you advised not to run for 4 weeks??? is it Lasik
  • Yes its lasik and the optomotrist (I cannot spell) said I shouldn't run for 4 weeks AT LEAST !!! :-(. I have had a thread going on injury about it and must admit no one else has been given this advice but I'm not inclined to risk it. I'm quite attached to my sight.
  • I've emailed the company to ask if what the guy said was correct and if so what will I be able to do. The web site made no mention of excercise. Very indicative of our society I think.
  • Good luck josie!
  • I thought it was 14 days
  • Josie -- I'm sure they are saying this to cover their tails. I would wait one week for sure, and then each day think about how your eyes feel. There will be one day when they don't hurt anymore and you can see clearly and you don't know what they are on about making you sit around for four weeks. The important thing is to make sure you don't rub your eyes (try to keep your face/forehead clear of sweat when you start running again) and also get some good sunglasses to help keep out any dirt particles. Take it easy on your first runs with your new eyes and stay clear of low hanging branches!
  • Oh and don't run in the rain for the first few weeks!
  • Thanks for the input Linca :-) I will definately get some new sunglasses as I will be able to wear them when ever I want :-)
  • Josie - hopefully this will make you feel better. I got a charity place this year having been rejected on my first time application. I had only been running "properly" for just under a year, competing in 5ks and 10ks having had an arthroscopy the year before. I joined a club in October last year and managed no more than about 16 miles a week up until end December. Mike Gratton sent me (via LPG) a training schedule of his for a sub 4hr Marathon which commenced on 4th Jan (nicely timed to get Xmas excesses out of the way). This gave me 13 weeks training I believe. I started off enthusiastically and suffered about as many probs as humanly possible - septic blisters, excruciating hip ITB probs, an "invisible" pain in my left thigh that stopped me walking let alone running and remained undiagnosed, and, finally, acute tendonitis in my left ankle made far, far worse by a chiro who thought it was a "dropped femur" and tugged it relentlessly for 3 treatments until my physio re-diagnosed and treated it with laser therapy - last treatment being less than 48 hours before the FLM itself!!! I lost WEEKS of training, only managed one 18 mile run as a max and I think only 2 of around 15 miles prior to that. I was crying as the coach pulled into Greenwich Park on Apr 14th realizing what a foolish git I was for being there, sobbed at the start as everyone's negative - "You're mad", "You'll start but I guarantee you won't finish", "You're selfish, you should have withdrawn and let someone else have your place" comments from GPs, physios, boyfriend, gym mates etc, went round and round my head. I am proud to say I finished in 4:00:06!!! Yes, those 6 secs are infuriating, and what was left of my big toenail snapped at its base at Big Ben with just under a mile to go but I didn't walk one step. I'd missed weeks and weeks of training but you sound far fitter than I was this time last year - you'll be fine girl - GO TO IT and GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Thanks for that Penni

    Lurrvy piccie?

    Luckily It look like I'll only be out a week or so. I'll find out on tuesday.

    STILL don't know if I'm in tho :-(
  • Me either but to be honest I'm looking forward to Dublin more now anyway! Have you done London before? If not, what's your motivation? I had a "need" to do it before I was 40 giving myself a 3 year window of opportunity!
  • I must admit Dublin does appeal. I just want to do London once. I have 3 years to 40 too.

    I really don't want to get hooked on marathons. The training takes up too much time :-)
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