Just how tight can a wetsuit be!!!?

I have just purchased a 'FOOR' Quantum wetsuite from the very helpful people at TRIUK. I was assured the size (2.5) was my size - and having checked the size chart (chest, weight, height etc. in the brochure) I am on the lower end of the scale for this size - ie. it is meant to fit people a little bigger and bulkier than me as well...and yet..and here's my point, I've just had the most sweaty 20 mins trying to squeeze it over and on to my body. When it was finally on it felt sooo constrictive, especially around the neck. This is my firt TRI wetsuit but I have had other for surfing etc. which although hard to get on are not as tight...is this normal?..will it give?..surely I can't be the next size up, it's for massive people! Why is it such hard work!
Also if I do keep it - do people cut he legs and arms a little shorter for ease of entry and exit, so to speak?


  • It's probably a daft question but...did you try on a range of makes? I have recently purchased my first wettie and the comfort factor across the different brands was amazing especially around the neck although I was assured I'd get used to the strangling sensation! I'm no expert but it may be worth trying on some others as the one I ended up with is v tight but v comfortable and yup it takes me ages to get into it too!
  • You are so right with that neck strangling...how uncomfortable does that feel! It almost feels like it's choking me!

    I haven't tried on many differnet makes, couldn't afford anyhting over £200. But I was assures from the people at TRIUK that the FOOR Quantum is essentially the same quality at the Orca predator - and having checked the spec on both websites theyt do appear to be virtually identical. But I take your point, i may have to try a few on and see if I need to return this one.
  • I had mine made as I look nothing like a triathlete. At the last gig I did I saw 3 people sporting new off the peg wetsuits and they had far more room than you're suggesting, challenge them about it(btw I'm reallt pleased with my snugg)
  • Stealthman, ive hired my wetsuit from TriUK, what arrived was a Ironman wetsuit, cost me £50 and I can keep it until after my event (London Tri). If I decide I want it all I have to do is pay another £50 and its mine. All the suits they hire are new, but gather from the one I got they must have sent one near bottom of the range but guess you could maybe stipulate a different make & model.

    This brings me to the comfort factor, mine was a lot easier to get on than I thought (about 5 mins) but found it to be constricting around the neck and tight under the arms. Im not 100% sure about it but recommend you use yours to swim in before making any final decision – im trying mine out on Friday. If your not sure if they’ll mind you trying it in water, give them a call to check.
  • I should have mentioned, the 3 wetsuits were being worn by people on their second or third purchase. If it is too loose however, you can get rippling from the pressure of the water. In short, I suppose I'm saying, it should be a second skin, though not a replacement for the first
  • Tri wetsuits are typically tight - but once on correctly you should have neigh on full movement of legs and in particular arms.

    Just a couple of thoughts - if you are hot and sweaty when putting your suit on it does make it a lot harder to put it on snuggly. It is vital that you pull the suit up your legs and make the fit snug before you try to put it on your upper torso - this might be obvious - but I know when I put mine on for the first time I was so eager to get it on that it wasnt put on correctly and felt awful. Likewise when putting it on your upper body, take your time and make sure it is pulled right up your arms. It is practically impossible to adjust the suit once it is on, as it sticks to you like a limpet.
    Hope this might be of use.

    It is quite usual to cut the legs and arms to fit.
  • Different makes have different material thicknesses, are constructed differently and have varying necklines. Typically a good suit should take about 5 mins to put on, once on it should feel like a 2nd skin but not so tight that you cannot breathe or have restricted motion in the arm/shoulder area. Small tip - it goes on easier if you use Bodyglide or other non-petroleum based grease on your hands and feet. Roll the suit up your body pulling on the inside, never outside, you can damage it. Make sure it's completely up to your groin area before attempting to put your arms in. Pull gently under your arms and over your shoulders to ensure all the material is properly seated.
    Once in the water, the suit should give a very little. It should feel comfortablly tight but not so that you can't breathe.
    I had a lot of trouble with my old wetsuit, but just recently bought a new one, an Orca Speedsuit, hubby has a new Orca Plex and both are wonderful.
    I'm surprised at your size - but maybe that's English sizing. I'm a 5ft 5ins female and I wear a 6.5. John has an 8
  • Should say he's 6ft 1 and weighs 80kg
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    what is it like to swim in stealthman - do you still feel constricted or choked? and importantly how long does it take to get off after swimming. if it's fine in the water and you can get it off quickly after the swim, then it should be OK - getting it on is not part of the event!!!!

    have you tried using bodyglide as well as Ironwolf suggests - this will ease getting it on, stop any likely chafing, and importantly make it easier to get off...
  • try using body glide all over your body as well - makes things a bit smoother

    (not vaseline as it will degrade the suit)
  • CO - keep your bedroom exploits to yourself - lol
  • right candy - that's why I said 'non-petroleum-based'. Vaseline is the very worst.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    whilst on the subject of bodyglide - what alternative makes are there as only ever seen BG mentioned.......
  • I use "fry light suflower oil spray", you know , the frying pan alternative to lard.....and it's only 1 cal and no cholesterol
  • oops IW i missed that bit of your post regarding bodyglide/vaseline

    ... yes, what she said
  • tcs - you aren't supposed to eat it
  • although the new SPF15 sunscreen bodyglide tastes great, sort of like warm, dettol flavoured ice cream
  • tee hee
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    some funny old sites come up if you google "bodyglide alternatives"

  • i just stick to bodyglide ...

    ... not sure if you can stick to it tho
  • or 'hot dutch melons' apparently
  • Will - how is florida looking?

    Fancy doing the Vitruvian as a warm up?

    And I havent seen you on the 2005 thread??
  • Never tried body glide - anyone know where to get it?
    Meanwhile I was suggested the following trick last year. Put a plastic bag over each arm/leg as you get into the suit. This is a lot easier.
    Doesn't help in removing the suit in a race though - hence bodyglide. I used babyoil as a one off - but not a good idea........
  • there's a thread about it in gear
  • maybe it's me but I think babyoil is always a good idea......................I'll get me coat
  • not on 2005 thread as i've deferd TLD till next year - so will be doing that

    working at getting fit enough just to get round florida - had first staedy / continues swim yesterday - just did 1250m in 23mins (but only 3rd time in water this year) will only take a few weeks to get back distance
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    wonder if lard would be OK to use??
  • poo

    (literally for TLD, as in goose)

    anybody who's anybody will be at Switzerland.... we can discuss this further when I get you cornered on the flight to the US.

    How about the Vitruvian (nice little half IronMan) as a warm up for florida??
  • Snugg wetsuits based in Newquay are very popular up here in Scottish triathlon clubs. See their website www.snugwetsuits.co.uk - you send them a number of body measurements and you get the perfect custom-made fit.
  • WWW

    "1250m in 23mins"
    That aint bad considering you havent swum

    I average at about that speed anyway.

    How is the running and cycling?
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