swiming with scabs

Morning all,
I have recently renewed my membership of the unofficial guild of road surface testers with the result that I have scabby knees. By my reckoning I should be scab free in time for my first tri, but I want to be able to practice before this. Does anyone have any top tips to ensure I don't flake in the pool? Varnish? Gaffer tape the offending part or just swim in the sea?


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    dispense penicillin to all in sight......
  • the best advice is not to swim in Holmes Place, Strand or Tooting Lido

    I don't want to swallow your scabs
  • sea swimming - the salt will help - and the scabs ill feed the fish

  • sea swimming is likely to help but the scabs will only soften (i'm pretty sure) so you shouldnt actually flake; if you do they're bio degradable anyway....
  • And please don't swimming at Fitness Exchange Cottons. Thank you.
  • Any thoughts on using second skin?
  • did you mean to say crabs ... ?

    never had any problems unless you dangle bits of sqid at them
  • I've recently picked up a large scabbed area on my hane from a drunken piggy back race. Swimming has definately helped it heal faster. Would probably use some sort of second skin if open water swimming though.
  • TCS,
    I think second skin may be the way to go, I've tried it in the shower and it seems to keep everything dry. Having tested another road yesterday it looks like I won't be seimming until next weekend. Hey ho.
  • If you do swim in the sea, try adding vinegar when they reharden. Wont help the healing but you'll have homemade Salt & Vinegar crisps.
  • eewwwww.
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