• Lot of money for someone who hasn't got a great deal of history !
  • not sure i understand you there???

    great deal of history in doing ironman races?
  • Sorry, I meant a great deal of selling history. Looks like he's only sold a few things. (and they might have been cheap items).

    Before I parted with 28k - I'd want to know he was a reputable dealer.

    (But he prob isn't as I bet this is against the rules - like selling the FLM entries. )
  • oh i see (sorry - i was being particularly dim there!)

    i got there from a link on the ironmanlive.com website so just assumed it was official - not that i'd part with that sort of money anyway!!!

  • report it to Ironman - they'd pull the place

    Suggest to them that they might give it to me if they do.
  • Blimey - linked to the website ? Weird.

    Candy - Lanzarote looked a bit like Hawaii. All those Lava fields. Not too sure about the camels though.
  • link is on this website

    i'm assuming that it is (as claimed) the official ironman website - mostly cos they had live coverage of lanzarote.
  • it seems to be official - well they always were money grabbing b*******
  • yeah i went to ironman live to grass them up, and what did i find....

    all the whiners on the FLM thread would have a field day if they took up tri. in addition to bleating about the BBC referring to them as fun-triathletes, they could go on about:

    Ironman money grabbing
    Wetsuit neck chaffing
    Pains in the bum/back/shoulders from cycling
    Sand in the shoes from transition
    Hitting 'the wall' at mile 0 of the marathon
    The photos not being available within ten seconds of finishing (whoops they did that one already)
  • Aaah - look where the money goes (apparently) :
    Ironman Triathlon Ebay Store with all proceeds benefiting the Ironman Kona Community Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to building a YMCA for the community of Kona, Hawaii.

  • they are still money grabbing the other 99% of the time though
  • Ironman Hawaii have auctioned places for the last couple of years at least. From memory in previous years they have offered something like 20 places in various age groups. There minimum bid has always been $10,000 (which I thought was bonkers) and when I looked last year nearly every place had exceeded this by varying degrees - the only place not to have reached the minimum bid was for a catergory for 95-100 yr old one legged women who couldn't swim.

    $28,000 is totally nuts. You can get a place on an Everest Expedition for that kind of dosh.
    Bonkers - Mad - Nuts - Delusional - hmmmm thinking about it, isnt that how you describe anyone just wanting to do an Ironman.
  • Oooh Everest ! Who's up for that ?
  • I've got £2.56
  • The bid is at $28,000, has 10 bids already, and is still on for another 3 days....geez. It is supposed to go to the Kona YMCA...they should have an awesome facility after these auctions...gold plated treadmils, and platium free weights, celebrity instructors....
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