Best run this year so far

Hi All

Just thought I would share this with you all.

Went out for my usual 1 hr run this lunchtime, Weather was warm and sticky, overcast with slight wind. Pretty nice running weather if a little too hot for my liking.

'bout 20 minutes in just when I was warmed up and crusing the heavens opened and it rained the most refreshing warm rain that washed away the muggy heat and made running a real joy.

It continued for the remaining 40 minutes and I ran with teh biggest smile on my face. Just as I was coming in the door it eased off. It was as if the running spirits took pity on a runner running in that heat and turned on the showers.

I feel so refreshed and alive now it's amazing. A real runners high.

Just wanted to shout out how good I feel, but only people who appreciate the joy of running in the summer rain would understand. Anybody else whould probably have me committed :)

thanks for listening.

Happy Running one and all :)))



  • MK - can you send some of that rain over in the direction of MK (the place) in about an hour? Thanks...
  • Hi SVT

    It's probably on its way as I type :)

  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Sounds really lovely, MK!
  • That's great MK. It's fab when you get a run like that isn't it! Here's for lots more.
  • mike your on this website everyday, are you an elite athlete?
  • It was the late 70s - before I ever started or ever dreamed of "running" I was cycling to work in good weather

    well ofcourse good weather can change in 8 hrs ....

    I left work in a torrential downpour - decided not to ride the bike - but what about my lovely leather sandals??

    I took them off and ran in bare feet - it was about 2 miles home - and enjoyed every minute of it - felt SO ALIVE

    now I am a runner and have experienced similar to what happened to you MK (only I'm not in my 20s anymore)

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