munich marathon

i am toying with the idea of running this
race. has anyone completed the race.
any info would be helpful


  • I'd be most interested in the answer as well.

    I'm relocating there in a few months and the marathon in that City is obviously on my mind.

    kg - just fyi - Berlin (end September) is one of the world's premier races, and its very fast with a single mass start. (I've done my research!)
  • splints
    unable to get to this race on time from SCOTLAND and the price is expensive to date
    TRIED THERE WEB SITE MEDIEN MARATHON but instructions in german ,have asked to translate in to english.
    will let you know.
  • cheers Ken - yup, the Munich site is not very user-friendly for non-German speakers.

    I'd help you translate some, but I haven't started my German classes yet.

    A couple of ideas for you - I did Dublin last October - it was to get to and a great experience - as you can imagine.

    I've also just done Prague - its cheap to get to if you book early. Accomodation food AND BEER) is very cheap there - flat as a pancake course and a stunning City.

  • The Munich marathon was my first marathon back in 2000 (I was living in Munich then). It was the first time it had been run then after a break of a few years so there weren't that many runners (about 6000). There was an in-line skating race alongside the marathon (v. popular in Germany).
    I found the race very well organised (typical Germans!), the course relatively flat and support about middling (might have improved since then). There was a very dull part where the course went through a big industrial estate, past the TV stations sponsoring the event (partly to live up the the 'Media Marathon' tag) but I believe they have changed this now. It's also pretty flat. There is a course map & profile available at .

    Munich is a lovely city so would recommend it. SHould be a good time of year for a marathon (when I ran it was a perfect Autumn day).
  • Oops my link disappeared. Try again:
    Munich Marathon Course
  • TishyMouse

    I don't suppose you'd have some tips for a fellow Forumite looking for accomodation there?

    I'm going over soon, and it looks like an absolute 'mare finding a place to rent.

    I went for my interview in the Spring, and I stayed in a cheap hotel in Universitet/Maxvorstadt. It seemed like a great area, with lots of young people and bars etc. I've heard Schwabing is nice too?

    I will be working nr. Obersendling ("Siemensland") and I would ideally like to be near enough to do a 5 - 8 mile run in to from work.

    Any ideas? Tips?

    I don't have a family and I would like to be in a pleasant central area. Are rents sky high?

    Questions questions questions

    ps. gr8 name!
    thank you for the map, but i cannot get the
    race,price,start etc, into english.
    this makes thing very difficult.
    ive got possible travel and accom.but cant
    because of the above.
  • Ken,
    the entry form (PDF) is in English & German
    Entry Form
    Needs to be sent to
    medien.marathon münchen GmbH
    Boschetsrieder Str. 69
    D-81379 München

    Entrance fee up to 30 June: €48
    up to 30 Sep (closing date): €53
    You can pay with creditcard. You can buy (€28) or rent (€30 deposit u get €25 back) a championchip at the expo.

    The start is at the Munich Olympic Park at 10am on 10 October. You can collect your number at the expo Fri, Sat or Sun morning.

    But you are right, it's gonna be difficult to get the info if it's all in German. I can translate bits & pieces for you but I expect the race pack may also be in German so you are really going to need someone to read it through for you. Let me know if there is anything specific you need translated.

  • Splints,

    I'll get back to you on your questions tomorrow tho' don't think I'm gonna be much help sorry :-(
  • Splints
    Munich is indeed an expensive place to live (actually the most expensive in Germany cause it is seen as very desirable - combination of compact cosmopolitan city and beautiful countryside & mountains on your doorstep). But you probably knew that anyway so not much practical help.
    I never had to look for accommodation when I was there - I was then living with ex-hubby who is German so didn't have to worry too much about flat hunting. We lived for a while close to the Olympic Park which is convenient for town, nice area for running and not quite so expensive as somewhere like Schwabing (u r right about that - v. nice but with prices to match). Hubby works for Siemens and he was OK getting to work from there.

    Other nice places for running are English Gardens (nudist sun-batheing going on there in summer!!!) and along the River Isar (you can run for miles off-road along the river, north or south of the city)

    I can suggest you have a look at local English language magazine - you may get some leads in finding somewhere to rent. Also, have you asked your future employer (is it Siemens?) they should be able to help out.. Be aware that most agencies will charge you about 1 months rent in 'finders fees' and you may be liable to redecorate appartment before you leave.

    Anyway, hope this helps a little & all the best with your move. Munich is a very beautiful city (and the trains run on time ;-)).

  • Hmm just had a look at that website, not much in the way of rental properties. Other suggestion, if your German is up to it, is to get hold of a copy of a weekend edition of the Sud Deutsche Zeitung where there are masses of property ads or check out their website
  • I used to live in Munich for two years and I know the route. Pretty flat and a bit off road around "English Garden" and copple stones around Koenigsplatz.

    However, Munich Marathon is not in the same league as Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin or Frankfurt. Hence, don't expect too much, support wise this is nowhere near like FLM.
  • Splints - Yes, Schwabing is the cool place in town. Lived near the Olympic Stadium and close to the marathon route. Ideal for running, you can either run in Olympic Park or much better in the English Garden (and have a 'stein' beer afterwards!). Cycling along Isar is also nice, or if you are up for it cycle to Kloster Andechs (nice brewery!!!)

    Regarding accomodation, check out Homecompany they can help you finding a studio or flat. There are a few areas which are not so nice, like the Olympic Village, stay away from there. Schwabing, Haidhausen and Bogenhausen are the nicer parts.

    Good luck!
  • I work for a company based in Munich, although i live in the Uk. Have toyed with idea of the Munich marathon but will probably not be until next year. Have heard all above comments from friends running it ie nice flat course etc, support is improving and there is also the thrill of finishing in the Olympikstadion. Schwabing is cool, although any of the riverside suburbs are great, Giesing for example.
  • Thanks to everyone for their Munich advice.

    I'm furiously surfing now.
  • tishymouse
    can you advise in what area of munich the marathon starts ie north ,south ,east,west and
    should i go for accomadation in the centre
    of munich or closer to the start.
  • Kg

    Start and finish is at the Olympic park in the north of Munich, 10mins walk from the U Bahn of same name. U Bahn is so damn good you can stay anywhere near a stop and have no problems. I like Lehel, which is north east of the centre - quiet but you can walk to the Marienplatz or Englischer GArten in 10 mins. Hotel Domus is nice and right on the Ubahn Station.
  • computer has crashed and i have lost all of my e mails for the race.
    completed the BLACKPOOL MARATHON in just under 4hrs and still feeling fine, may still go for this race.
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