Had a wonderful run today!

It was just one of those days today when everything felt great.I had been suffering with a knee problem following the GNR ,then I had the Virus from hell,now it looks like I haven't got into the FLM and I had been so down..BUT.. today the sun shone I felt great, had some new kit on I went out and ran for an hour and I just flew everyone smiled and no dogs bothered me .These days don't come along often so I thought I'd share it with you ,running really is the cure all.


  • Excellent, Patty. I had one of those runs yesterday, it really is worth the effort!
  • hi patty/everyone. is'nt it amazing how one good run makes up for all the bad one's
  • Good news Patty - it's so good when it goes well isn't it. And it's funny how when you get down you don't run so much making you more depressed...

    I've had two great runs in the last three days - hadn't run for a week and only did two the week before so I was worried I was losing it...

    Keep at it girl and happy running!
  • Don't you just love running.
  • Thanks everyone.
  • Nice one Patty,
    I had one of those runs yesterday,
    had the run from hell today, oh well soon be wednesday.........
  • What happens on Wednesdays?
  • I had a great run too. I was supposed to be at work but the sun was streaming through the trees and the Staffordshire countryside is great in autum (and spring, summer, winter). So I did about 12 miles up through country lanes, picked up the canal tow path, enjoyed the primordial pleasure of splashing through the mud then home to a hot shower and lunch before roling into work at 1pm! Flexitime is great!!
  • Well, us freelancers have permanent flexitime (except when the client wants the job done yesterday). Anyway, no such pressures today, so I had another beautiful run in the sunshine this afternoon.
  • Its my long run day Pizza Man........
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