my son has just got a job!!!

my son has just got a letter from one of the big shopping stores to say he has got an 18 hr / wk job for 13 wks from mid-June, starting the day after his last AS level exam


he has never had a job

he is nearly 19

he skipped off when he was sposed to be doing work experience when he was 15 at school

he is in his THIRD first year of A levels (dropped out 2 yrs in a row & hardly went out - I was really worried)

he has had a girlfriend since Feb, so seems much better, but hasn't been able to get a job

some of you may recall my angst last year as he was also suffering from excema / acne - that too has disappeared !!


  • Hurrah!

    Am pleased for you.. good news is always welcome.
  • Thankx Barkles
    I know it must seem a small thing to some but until you get that first confirmation ... and if you have zero confidence

    they were also ages replying after interview ...

    onwards & upwards!!

  • Indeed.. is a big step. Remember to celebrate it tonight!!!
  • Does he get a staff discount?
  • oh Dodge - I think that happens after 6 mths / year !!

    and they are paying just below NIC levels but none of that matters

    he's also had no money for nearly a year and has tried for lots of jobs - I think - that was the other worry - his crippling shyness - was he actually applying?

    any volunteer job would have been brilliant ANYTHING

  • ((pash)) is not a small thing, my brother pulled similar stunts and worried my folkes, but he has girlfriend now and job and is doing ok.
  • Congrats.

    my daughter has just passed her 1st year physio exams, soon she will be able to massage by aching legs!

    I will be her best patient......
  • Congratulations.

    Mini-me won the crossword puzzle competition at school and gave me her £10 voucher as a present.

    >>well, I don't want to be left out<<
  • aaaah! thats nice. (you obviously give her too much pocket money)
  • she doesn't spend her money anyway
  • No my kids all save, probably coz we seem to pay for everything.

    But they never ask for anything either, so i shouldn't complain.
  • pashka, congraulations - I know how you feel !

    My son graduated in summer 2003 and then spent months and months applying for jobs and slowly going strange cooped up at home while all his friends moved away. He couldn't get a job without experience and he couldn't get experience without a job. Doh !

    Then he suddenly and unexpectedly got the job of his dreams - he passed the civil service assessment board and is now awaiting a posting in central government - he's off to Whitehall ! - the Cabinet Office or some such department. I'm gobsmacked and now glad we supported him through the dark days of rejection after rejection.
  • Thankx all - it's good to know we're not alone

    have given him a bottle of choice wine and am now off to finish dinner!

    & less stress all round

    ps younger son (12) came home & sobbed cos he has to do surfing all wk in his "activity week" in July !! thought he could cope with new thing, now wants safety of "swims & things"

    AHHH growing up !! after due time he was cheered up by the good news too!!
  • paskha is a major event when they get jobs.

    My son has been working (part time) for about 9 months now and i still want to celebrate the fact every day as I still find it hard to believe that he has not only got one...but he's still got it!!
  • Thanxx Agnes
    His last exams tomorrow (Law) & starts job Weds - he'll get the "uniform" (shirt & trousers) and as confirmation I rcvd a call asking him to arrive 4 hrs early - for extra training (check-out etc)

    he's going to be on Fruit & Veg !!!

    well I'd rather commune with veggies than packets & tins
    & I'd die on the bakery goods section

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