East Kilbride half marathon, when?


Does anyone know what the date is for the East Kilbride half marathon as yet?
I am trying to work out what races I may do for next year and I can not find the date for it anywhere.

Thanks Kenneth


  • Hi Kenneth

    I have been wondering the same thing, especially as the Edinburgh Marathon is scheduled for mid-june, when the EK half normally is.

  • I tried the Scottish Athletics website but the race diary does not go up to June just now
  • The SAL website calendar is normally published in 6-monthly chunks so you'll be lucky to see next Summer's races before March. I'd guess if you phoned the number for last years race they could put you on the right track. Failing that try the local council (Monklands?) website
  • Kenneth
    Re Bruce's post - this year's race was held on 16th June, contact no. was 01698 476118. I guess that the event would be staged under a permit issued by scottishathletics - you could try phoning them at 0131 317 7320 to see if the permit has been applied for (ask for John McDonald - he has always been helpful to me in the past).
  • Found out from South Lanarkshire Council that the race is going to be held on Sunday the 15th of June next year.
    Thanks for everyones help.
  • Great planning. Same day as Edinburgh!
  • Don't like the way Edinburgh is set up with all these rules about ballots that they are dishing out as if they are some big established event. A lot of people will turn back on it
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