England vs France



  • 3-1 France.
  • ....with Thierry Henry hat-trick
  • Is the rugby season upon us already?
  • noooooooo

    2 - 1 england
  • I think they'll be goals too - Ledley King vs Henry? Yeah right!

    2-0 a les jeunes dans les bleus
  • Plum - what is this 'rugby' you speak off?
  • Plum.

    This is a football thread for football people.

    There's nothing for you here!
  • <<<pssst! Plum! It's going to be a tough one against the All Blacks tomorrow!>>>>>
  • 1-1.

    The important thing is not to lose the first game. Or so the cliche goes!
  • (((8.00 am as well Jj, early to bed tonight.)))

    On a serious note I think England will lose 2-1, everyone talks about the shaky english defense but les Bleus are not much better, they just look like they have more people likely to score.

    Still we can live in hope.
  • The answer to your question is YES. England will defnitely win lose or draw.
  • Cheers Bryan - are you Big Ron in disguise?
  • No - I am a scottish rugby fan.

    Don't have much to get excited about do I?
  • Saw Scott Murray when he played for us here in Bedford. And saw him last Christmas in Edinburgh in the Walkabout drinking like a fish. But he didn't recognise me.
  • There are so many new faces I wouldn't recognise half of them now, but us Scots are eternal optimists and have to give the antipodean some credit - at least he is trying something new, some of the new players are showing a bit of promise but still lack experience.
  • <Dr Galah starts to panic as he is letting his footy guard down>

    Erm, come on Ingerland!!
  • Was leaning towards 1-1, but, sod it, 2-0 England!

    (and then defeat against the Swiss!)
  • I think we will struggle to make it past the group stage it depends on how good Croatia are there under 21s ran rings round our lads a little while ago they will certainly be a force to be considerd if not now later, as for Sunday my head tells me France my heart England so a draw wont be a bad result please God
  • I went to the shop to buy a flag but they only had English ones, so it look like I'll have to support England now !
  • I have just drawn Italy in the sweepstake at work well happy with that may as well pay me now.
  • England 1-0
  • Bryan - am a long suffering Murrayfield debenture holder (gets harder to fly/train up from London each year!). England will imitate the Scots football team when they were good and perform heroically against France, only to blow it against the Croats and Swiss.
  • it will b 2-1 either way.will b a really tight scrappy game i think.neither side will wanna give much away.
  • 2-1 to France. Or 2-1 to England. Maybe 1-1 or a narrow 1-0 to either side. Mmmmm, we could suprise ourselves and keep a clean sheet. 2-0? 3-0?

    I don't know, can't wait though!! Am off to play some 5-a-side in a minute, may be too late to earn a call-up though.....
  • Locco Rocco - if you're a holding midfielder and haven't spent the 5-A-Side season on the bench you might be in with a shout.
  • France have an old dodgy defence
    England cant defend set pieces

    But with all the support up and down the country, cant miss all those flags, i think that it will be 2-1 England.

    Then we will be slaugtered by Croatia and the Swiss

  • France does NOT have a dodgy defence! Gallas, Thuram, Silvestre, Lizarazu - where is this dodginess then?!

    This is more wishful thinking than anything else, given the outstanding quality they have in other parts of the pitch. Besides, to get to them you'll have to get through Viera and Makelele first!

    If England are to have some success they'll need to concentrate on THEIR qualities: heart, character, spirit, effort, ... etc. And they can play football too, even though nowhere as well as France of course!!

    Let's hope this one is a great game, as I am sure they'll both get through to the next round.
  • France to win 2-1, Wayne Rooney sent off for retatiation, David James howler in 88 mins letting Thierry Henry in!

    England do have a strong squad however,and should get into next round, although Croatia will not be easy.

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