England vs France



  • I'm suprised noone has posted yet !!!!!
  • Blimey, have you lot got second sight?
  • clowns :(
  • I put £5 on France to win at Evens and £1 on England to be ahead at half time then France to win the game @ 22-1.

    So a silver lining...
  • Zizou!!
  • Bet you never saw that coming?
  • dont think David James did either ...
  • If England win Euro 2004 can we stop getting 1966 shown every year.
  • As usual we choke and throw it all away. I'm not watching any more games. Better ways to waste my time.
  • I must admit I am an absolutely gutted England Fan - However I did find it quite amusing that the arse across the road has already removed the England flags from all his windows and the four from his car - come on England we can still do it !!!!
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Does that mean that the only flags of St George flying next week will belong to the BNP.
  • That was terrible. France had possession for 90% of the game it seemed. The back pass at the end was criminal. We deserved to lose :-(
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again Shaun Wright-Phillips should have been sent.
    Scholes was carp Beckham was worse.
    Defoe would have been a far better replacement for Owen as Heskey & Vassel were never gonna score.
  • All very sad
    Although it was all France I thought we did OK until he took the best player on the park, Rooney, off and sent on Heskey. Heskey made the most clumsy challenge I have seen to give Zidane his goal from the free kick. As for David James I think we could find a clown from a circus that could have done better when he gave the penalty away. Now we have to all suffer depression until we can all pick ourself up!!!!
  • I don't think D James is to blame for anything really - he would have got to that ball (blame Gerrard for that one) first had it not been for (the very quick) Henry chasing it too.

    Rooney was absolutely spent by the time he was substituted (he did a lot of running, as Owen didn't seem to be bothered). So, it was only right he'd come off.

    I think France deserved it overall as they were the more enterprising and played better football (apart from the goal, England hardly got anywhere near Barthez).
  • That was a game we should have won. This is a good thing!! If we play like that against Croatia and Switzerland we'll easily beat them. France were VERY lucky. They weren't in it until the last few minutes.

    Anyone who thinks England did badly tonight isn't a real fan.
  • ...how much have you had to drink DrG?
  • The French played us off the park. How many shots on goal did England have?
  • Not THAT much thank you!

    France 16 - 11 England BR
    (on target 6-4)

    I think that shows we were not flattered by the 1-0 scoreline.
  • best night for a while. really enjoyed the 2 goals in injury time. the only problem is we will now have to put up with being shown 1966 for the next few years.
  • "....not flattered by the 1-0 scoreline."

    ...but flattened by 2-1.
  • Who cares about the football?

    We still won the cricket....
  • But got mauled by the All Blacks 36-3 in NZ.
  • Fair play, FruitCake.. but I think they only did that to make the other home nations feel better about their defeats. ;o)
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    The police had to deal with rioting in several towns in England afterwards.

    It was only a bloody football game, for god's sake.

    Football and chavdom go hand in hand. Both are a blight and we'd be better off without them.

    In my ever so 'umble opinion, of course.
  • You're not alone with that opinion Muttley.
  • I was out in a no-TV pub with my mates during the game, since I don't really give a monkeys about England games.

    Well, Muttley's post reminds me that that's not quite true. I'm actually kind-of pleased about the result since it pissed off all the In-ger-lund hoolies in Croydon, Birmingham and all the other places they rioted over something they saw on telly. Tiananmen Square it ain't. Dimwits.

    UKIP and the BNP totalled more than 20% in the EU elections, I see. Wonderful country.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I don't think UKIP and the BNP can be equated, Swerve.
  • Fair cop, it's possible I was being a bit, um, provocative, Muttley. ;-)
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I probably missed that, Swerve, since I make a point of never posting provocatively myself.
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