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I'm a relatively new runner with two goals. I'm running the robin hood half marathon in September and am not hugely overweight, but would benefit from loosing half a stone/10 pounds. I'm finding reaching both these goals difficult as I haven't got the energy to run if i haven't eaten so am consequently eating more than i would without the running. I am now not loosing or gaining weight but seem stuck in a rut - my fitness level, however, is increasing!! Any good ideas how to achieve adequate energy levels whilst still keeping calorific content down enough to shed these pounds?


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Helen,

    Know the 'stuck in a rut' feeling well! I find that porridge made with water and served with fruit (I like stewed apricots or rhubarb) gives me loads of energy for my long runs. Also, it's incredibly filling so you don't have to eat loads of it. When I get back from my runs I have a banana to refuel.

    I've found that snacking on fruit throughout the day helps to keep my metabolism going strong.

    If you need some motivation you might like to join The Fat Club over on the Health and Injury forum. That way you can report your weight loss to everyone, which is a good motivator!

    Good luck,


  • Helen
    Its a well complicated issue but 'instant' energy for a run is sugars (as Redhead says, good from fruit like banana, but also energy bars, chocolate!! etc. but not much needed). Triathletes take this in on the cycle/run during long races (Ironman is 8 hours + of exercise) but also from energy drinks (which I find better).
    As you get fitter, esp. at first, some fat is burnt but you are building muscle: which weighs MORE: oh no!
    To reduce body fat you need to exercise longer term (weeks). My weight yo-yos depending on how much I do but my wife assures me that I'm fittest when I do a long run each week for at least 4 weeks and I swim. Swimming is fantastic for getting in shape (all muscles tone up) but the long slow run burns up fat in the body more efficiently. When the body uses sugars (Carbs) and when it burns fat is the complicated bit. I've been reading about it for years but the experts seem to argue!
    Any way: exercise more, don't diet, eat healthy stuff, go for a swim, good luck in the half, its lovely up there!
    Hope thats useful.
  • Helen, you're doing fine. Enjoy your running, enjoy your food, eat as much as it takes to let you maintain your current amount of exercise without feeling constantly hungry, but accept that a bit of hunger (especially if a meal is overdue) is normal. If the scales are bothering you, lock them in the chokey - THEY exist to serve YOU, not vice versa.

    As your fitness level increases and your body becomes more muscular, you will start to burn off fuel at a fair old rate.

    Please don't try to lose 7-10 pounds between now and the Robin Hood half-marathon. That rate of weight loss is more likely to leave you flat on the floor than fleet on your feet.

    Cheers, V-rap.
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