Dundee 10 mile (Templeton Woods)

I ran this race on the strength of a comment posted by some bright spark, on this site.
Who was it that said 'there are just a couple of hills, and it is nice trot round the vallages of Angus'??
The first 5 miles are up hill, and the last 1.5 miles are up hill too - and we are talking hills - not just gentle rises!

Anyway, I did it in 1:30:09, and given that this was only my second outing at a distance more than 10k (having done the Great Scottish run in September in 2 hrs), I was quite pleased with the result.

Came in on serious empty, thinking that the 33 miles of hill training that I had done whilst on holiday near Inverness, just did not really cut it.

Its the last time that I believe any of you!


  • It did you good I'm sure. Just think of the fitness you gained.
  • There is another thread in URWFRC forum, which had some warnings about the hills. I must admit I enjoyed it, although the uphill stretch to the finish is a bit sadistic! Well done on your time, just think how much quicker you will be next time :)
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