Energy drinks without caffiene

anyone know of any good caffiene free energy drinks? or nutritional drinks with lots of vitamins, proteins etc without containing caffiene or dairy products? i guess i could go down the health store but i thought someone here might know...


  • Dear Severa, I use a drink called Power Bar, Hydro Plus performance drink, It is good for rehydration and gives you energy when running. I have read the label it does not mention caffeine in the ingredients. I buy it in my local sporst shop it does not taste too bad and comes in 3 flavours I like the berry best. I find I am less tired after a training session or race when I drink this before and after. Good luck Jo
  • Guinness ?!!
  • I'm not sure if this really qualifies, but under the category of nutritional drinks... there is a very tasty drink called Soya Fruity, which is both caffiene and dairy free. It's extremely tasty, but probably doesn't fit into a training regimen. It is healthy though. Can be bought at GMC, and also (I think) Holland and Barret.
  • i usually make my own..... banana,mango,and figs (if i can get them) and soya milk in a blender is nice...bit messy, though ;)
    sometimes i get a pack of frozen black forest fruits (blueberries, cherries,blackcurrants,grapes and blackberries i think!) from the supermarket and put them in the blender with some yofu and soya milk.
    i find a lot of the pre made ones are too sweet...i'd rather have sugars from proper fruit ...
    i read in one of your posts that you were too....a lot of people seem to assume that vegan food is always bland and horrid...there's so much lovely stuff out there !
  • Hey Severa and Fluffa, shall we start a vegan/veggie thread? I'm a veggie and don't drink tea or coffee. What d'ya think?
  • I'm a veggie, but couldn't cope with a vegan diet - Respect !
  • I'm a veggie too, hurrah!
  • Oh, looks like there's two of us vegan whippets on these forums then!! (Or are you a greyhound? - bit difficult to tell from your pic...)
  • thanx for the advice, jo, i'll try some of that Powerbar stuff, and Hildegarde, I already drink soya fruity, it's really nice and you can also get it in Tesco. they also do this soya life one, and they make a chocalate flavour one which is nice on cornflakes!

    I really will have to get a blender sometime soon!

    Nice to see there's other veggies/ vegans out there... we should start a thread and find out why people choose their particular diet, is it for health or personal beliefs?

    and, skinny whippet, i'm actually a greyhound. maybe we could race sometime!:)
  • hey skinny whippet, i'm not really much of a whippet at all...i've been vegan long enough to find out about vegan chocolate and ice cream ;)
  • and don't all you fellow non meaties get a tad pissed off at the assumption that we're all malnourished?
    and as for the tea/coffee, well i'm afraid i can't do without my pints of soya latte...i'm on barleycup at the moment because i've got a cold, but the espresso machine definitely beckons...
  • Must try one of your fruit smoothies Fluffa, my mouth's watering at the thought. I'm off to buy a blender!

    On a serious note though, it sounds a bit heavy to drink while running compared to other drinks - how do you find it? And does it contain all the electrolyte mallarkey?

    You forgot to mention Hobnobs as well :o)

    Don't all runners look malnourished?
  • I guess I'm lucky Fluffa in that I'm blessed with a fast metabolism, so I don't put on weight no matter how much Swedish Glace I guzzle :)

    Also tried your tip of having a fruit smoothie after my run last night, and it went down very nicely, a bit easier on the stomach than some energy/recovery drinks.
  • Good after, but not before or during; the fructose isn't as slow to be absorbed as glocose is, and the small but existant fibre content of fruit smoothies has led me to problems with 'the trots' before now (eek!)

    After a long run though.. cocoa powder, banana and a dash of peanut butter.. pint of skimmed.. blend.. lovely :)
  • ps: Lucozade Sport contains no caffeine on its ingredients list, and I've never detected it when drinking it (I drink decaf almost-everything so if something has it in, I can tell!)
  • thought i'd have a proper coffee this morning to go with my (vegan ;) chocolate bagels, and the damn thing didn't work....i could see the bottom of my cup through my espresso!
    as for the fibre in fruit smoothies, well i can't say i've ever had any problems, though i eat a really high fibre diet anyway so i s'pose my body's used to it.... i sometimes take dried figs on long runs for energy (no problems ;) and i had no idea until recently that people ate figs for other reasons!
    skinny, are you a swedish glace fan too, then? they really need to do a toffee flavour!
  • Mmm, toffee flavour would be nice indeed, but the Mocha ripple does me just fine for now ;)
  • Technical question now - I just went to the shops to look at blenders and they're all different wattage, have ice crushers (uh?) and so on.

    Any recommendations on minimum requirements for making a decent smoothie? I don't really want to buy a whole food processor, just the blender bit, but there's such a variety I'm a bit lost!
  • Er, I meant to say that fructose is slower to be converted to energy than glucose, not the other way round! :)

    Iain, for shakes or smoothies almost any will do, because it's not a very demanding task to blend all those soft fruits and etc. Just make sure it's easy to clean!
  • Figs are REALLY NICE.

    Yet due to a high metabolic rate I remain trot-prone (despite that I, too, eat decently) so they're not an option for me on long runs :(

    Lovely to snack on at home though ;)
  • Cheers Psi :o)

    Do you need anything to deal with frozen yoghurt and stuff? A lot of the recipes I've seen involve it, or can you do perfectly OK ones without it?
  • OH MY GOD! You mean there's other flavours of Swedish Glace besides chocolate?!!!

  • Iain, the one I use can deal with that stuff pretty well, as it's not like a big block of ice or anything. Personally I make smoothies and shakes with bog standard skimmed milk, but obviously this is more cos of my taste than anything else :)
  • Actually, I tried doing a banana one with my hand blender this morning which worked fine and was delicious. Any info on blenders still welcomed though - I ended up covering half my kitchen with the stuff as there's no lid on it!
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