Help! Pain at back left of heel

After my run last Sunday I noticed quite a bad pain at the back left of my heel. The pain goes if I walk on tip-toe or wear heels, & is worse when I get up in the mornings - I am practically limping!!
I had a complete rest from running this week, just went on the rowing machine at the gym. Tried a jog this morning but nothing has improved.
Has anyone got any advice on what this injury is or what I can do about it? I get so frustrated not being able to run!!



  • Hi Minx

    I think I know what it is!

    Planter Fasciitis.

    I have just been diagnosed with it. There's a thick piece of tissue at the bottom of your footif it over-stretches it manifests itself as a pain in your heel.

    This website gives a good description and some ideas for prevening the pain.

    It sounds like a runners nightmere I'm training for the GNR at the minute and I've had to take a break. My doctor has refered me to a Podologist and said that a steroid injection into the heel might help. But no one seems to have a instant cure which is what I'm looking for!

    I hope it's not that, because it's so frustrating not been able to run.

    Good luck if it is and let me know if you find any instant cures!

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