First Duathlon Completed!!!

Well, not wanting to shout it from the roof tops or owt, but i took part (and finished) my first ever duathlon yesterday.
It was at Caerleon, Newport (4k/18k/4k) just right distance for a beginner i thought, but the race description of the run being "HILLY" was very generous! Being Ex-forces i'm convinced they imported the last hill from the beacons, not very long but quite steep, and a killer right at the end.
But as i say i finished, and am very glad, and slightly proud, 34th out of 48 isn't going to to worry anyone yet, but i'm chuffed to bits.

Now if i only i can sort this breathing malarky out i shall do a tri...... wonder if they allow snorkels?? ;-)


  • bog snorkling perhaps???
  • Congrats Brian. welcome to the wonderful world of multi-sports.

    Have heard that the Caerleon course is pretty tough. Haven't got to it yet due to date clashes. Do you know if the results are available on-line? Just like to see who of the local tri guys & girls were racing.

  • Well done Brian.I hope to do my first in October.Did you enjoy it though?
  • Well done Brian - I've only ever done one - the infamous Ballbuster (Boxhill, Surrey) I'll never forget ... forgetting where my bike was when I finished the first run LOL

    well it was very misty, though I have to admit there weren't a huge number of bikes left by the time I'd done the first run

    Mr John Lunt who organises the event always hails it as "as tough as a marathon" but now having done a few of those, I would say ANYTHING that gives you a break from running 26.2 miles, has got to be easier

    trouble is TRI's are soooo expensive
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