Monday session - 4 November

Hello all, returning to the Forum fairly refreshed after my very energetic weekend of training!

What: Nothing - well, maybe a few easy miles.
Why: Extremely active weekend away (my whole body aches).

Last hard: Saturday/Sunday
Last rest: Will be today.


  • what: nothing
    why: overdue rest day - also, need to be fully rested to be able to deal with tomorrow night's session I suspect

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Sat (9 days ago)
  • Morning All

    What: Steady run - probably about 4 miles
    Why: Hard session tomorrow - my training was crap last week so hoping to do better this week. Where has y motivation gone!

    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Sunday
  • Morning

    What : Swim at lunch time
    Why : first sessions since having my back sorted and I just want to easy back into things
    Cycle : BASE1:WEEK1:DAY1

    Last Rest Day : Yesterday
    Last Hard Day : Can’t remember

  • Hello all.

    What: Zilch
    Why: After pushing on in yesterdays 7 mile race (and setting a new PB) my legs are refusing to play.

    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Saturday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all, from a wet, warm and rapidly thawing Iceland.

    What: Meant to be '5M easy including strides'. But as all roads and paths have turned from lovely grippy packed snow to wet lumpy ice, this will probably translate as '5 miles of slithering, slipping and falling over'
    Why: I don't know, I really don't know

    Last hard: Friday, pre thaw
    Last rest: Saturday. And Sunday, as only managed 25 minutes of slithering.

    I'll go away and stop whinging now.
  • Hello all
    Snicks is back onto sensbile forum, after losing the plot leading up to Dublin....
    What: a swim or gentle run
    Why: recovering from Dublin Marathon - this time last week, I was just over half way!
    Last hard: Last Monday, although, I did a lot of Body Balance (yoga based workout) and muscles were much more achey after that than after marathon
    Last rest: yesterday - completely hungover!
    Do Drew, Hilly, Laura still come on here?
  • what : swim and sauna session to try and get some normality back into achin legs
    why : feel knackered after yesterday's 10 miler
    last hard day : yesterday
    last rest day : saturday

    still life is good. sun is shining and hopefully i'll get out for a light trot tomorrow.
  • snickster - expect you'll see them here soon
  • Snicks, love the new picture, you look really fab!

    What: nowt
    Why: still completely shagged out after the weekend. Arms are improving slowly, I can now get my hands to chest height before I start screaming ;-)
    Last hard run: yesterday
    Last rest day: today
  • Um, MM, that's my mean n moody stare... After five bottles of Budweiser and a Marathon!
  • what: rest or light spinning at best
    why: recovery after fun 5miles race on the hills sunday
    last hard day: sun
    last rest: sat

    Snicks: laura, hilly & drew do still post but drew's been on hols in florida for the last 2 weeks

    BTW that photo suggests one of the Buds is still in your mouth - what are you planning to do with it!?
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    What: Hopefully a gentle 4 miles.
    Why: Haven't done anything since Wednesday due to still recovering from heavy cold and terrible weather. Have a chesty cough which is not helped by a run! Hoping to get back on track this week, but don't want to push it too hard tonight.
    Last hard day: Last Monday.
    Last rest: Friday, Saturday, Sunday ...

    Feeling very cross with myself that I haven't been for a run since Thursday - normally run right through colds!
  • Hello everyone!

    What: steady 5 miles
    Why: I don't train at weekends so this sets me up for the week:
    Last hard day: Thursday as I wimped out of Friday's run due to bad weather (and don't give me any of that ("... just inappropriate clothing" crap).
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi all, back from happy hols, and trying to catch up with the trillion posts that have appeared since the 25th. Do any of you actually do any work?

    What: Nothing
    Why: SORE from yesterday's half, and have a nice new blister too.

    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: The whole of last week (not recommended half marathon preparation!)
  • what: 9 miles slow this morning.
    why: it wasn't my idea. set off for 6 but got lost
    last hard: er... been injured, so I've got an excuse
    last rest: yesterday
  • Afternoon all :o)

    What: 5.2 miles easy
    Why: Recovery run
    Last hard run: A long long time ago
    Last rest: 9 days ago

    After reading in RW of people's running streaks of 30+ years, I thought I would start a mini one. Going to try for 100 days, running every day. Up to 8 days at the moment. At least this way I will be able to force myself out of the door in the midst of winter.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Back again after a very relaxing week in Cyprus.Sun shone,kids behaved (within reason) and despite my best intentions,I didn't do any running.
    Feel totally refreshed but it doesn't take long to get fed up again does it ?

    So having not done any running for 9 days I'm going for a gentle 5 miler tonight.

    It also looks like I've got plenty of race reports to plough through....
  • What: Gentle 3 miles on road
    Why: Bought some new shoes - Brooks Beast - so had to try them immediately...

    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Fri
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: nothing
    Why: too busy at work
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: all last week!

    Snicks, belated congratulations on Dublin. 3:42 is b***dy great. How did you manage that amazing negative split?????
  • What: Gorged myself - roast dinner & rest

    why: rest day and Mrs G is off home for 2 weeks so I will not be cooking for 2 (or 1)for a while - I can almost hear the violins.

    2 weeks of running snacks and intensive training hear I come

    you wont see me for dust at brighton

    (i'm going to run with a big bag of dust)

  • Hi Snicks. Well done on Dublin, a really GREAT time. Are you doing London?

    What: (am)swim 50x25m front crawl. (pm)1 hour of circuit training
    Why: Extra day off work so could manage 2 workouts and I don't run on a Monday very often.
    Last hard: 10k yesterday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • Snicks, that's taken AFTER the marathon? You look disgustingly well, Budweiser or not. I've already sung your praises but I'll do it again - well done, you deserve it.
    Glad your back's better Wild Will, as for all of you who're moaning about not having run enough on your hot and sunny holidays, well my heart bleeds for you. Get out there NOW, and get wet like the rest of us!

    What: 8 * hill reps ("What? It was only 6 last time coach!"), jog 'recovery' (read chest burning stagger back down again).
    Why: Club session. Well come on, you don't think I'd do that sort of thing on my own do you?
    For some strange reason I find hill reps are marginally less dreadful than long intervals on the pain continuum.
    Last hard: tonight
    Last rest: Fri.
  • At sisters, raods flat , managed 4 miles
    And 5 miles walking about re jobs
  • Managed 5x250m swim today not bad for first session back :o)
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