Happy Bunny

Went for belting ride on me new steed yesters evening.. did bout ten miles and managed with the SPD clips beautifully, never fell off once!



  • oooh sounds great and well done for not falling off I am useless with SPDs!

    Thought of you this weekend whilst we were charging round the Forest of Dean Adventure Racing...
  • Should've called me Spans... did you enjoy it? Where bouts were you?
  • urm in a village called something near Mallards Pike... we were on a training weekend teaching us how not to get lost... didn't work though!!!!
  • Down towards parekend / Blakeney / Yorkley way then???

    Often run at mallards Pike, but now they have started charging for parking it is not quite such an attractive proposition..

    was scene of first Forest Frolic..
  • ooops barkles, thanks for reminding me....

    i'll post them tomorrow!!
  • ta!!!!!
  • Parkend, that's the place! We were staying at the big hostelling type place there...lovely place to run and bike you are so lucky!
  • you might want to get some bar tape while you're waiting
  • Spans I was there all sunday too! Cycling and then playing footie and cricket and eating mega picnic tea. There were lots of orienteering types about in the forest and then having a bbq, that wasn't you was it?
  • yes that was me and Dillo and Multi and Calf and Brewster and its time... I can't believe that I didn't see you! Were you in the big group in the carpark?
  • My navy and cream camper was parked just beside you!!!!
    I was directly across the field from the BBQers, near the trees, with 8 adults and 8 free range kids who kept running thru your BBQ
    Oh Spans...... was it really you?
    They all seemed more mature than you though.. and there was a prizegiving.. we didn't set up camp til about 4.30-5.00. And mysteriously from about 7.00, we had the whole place to ourselves...... cannot think why.
  • ohno that wasn't us then, we were based on the bridge bewteen the two sections of lake... no snazzy bar-b-q for us just a cup of water and then we were sent on our way!!
  • Spans.. was this Cannop?
  • Nice one Barkles. I had my first SPD experience last week, and now have had 4 ride outs with them. I can't believe the difference they make.
  • Specially on the hills, FS.. really do help..
  • Cannop? I don't understand so I guess not! It was an Adventure Racing training weekend organised by www.trailplus.co.uk
  • Cannop is the ponds/lakes & picnic areas or maybe you were at the lake at Mallard's Pike! Anyway,we were in the same Forest together... so that is very sweet x
  • we were at the lake at Mallards Pike... wouldn't that have been funny if we had bumped into each other!!!... shame we didn't really... how was your birthday btw?
  • Spans we would normally have gone to Mallard's pike for ice-creams en route but were with a seven year old on own bike and thought it might be a bit too far back up.
    My birthday - gosh, thankyou, how did you remember! It was very good in parts, only burst into tears twice, and I finally chilled out with about 10 mins to go, one red and green (2 shades) dragon finally iced with butter cream rosettes (sort of!) with onto boy-cub's cake - his birthday is today!
  • oooh sounds lovely... can I have a piece?!?!
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