Stitches - HELP!!!!!

Hi everyone

Just looking for some advice about how to deal with stitches and how to prevent them if possible!

I have built up to running for half an hour, covering about 2.8 miles in the time, but the last two runs I have done I have developed a really bad stitch after about 20 mins. The stitch yesterday was really bad and I couldn't get rid of it (tried walking, stretching, rubbing sore bit, stiffening diaphragm muscles - everything I could think of!) so I had to abandon the run.

This is driving me nuts because I feel fine in my legs and lungs and could go on further if it wasn't for the stitches.

Any help/tips very gratefully received.




  • Hi Tortoise - don't know if this will work for you (but it does for me): try starting your breathing in and out as your left foot strikes the ground. This is a method recommeded in Bob Glover's Runner's Handbook (which is brilliant)...can't remember the logic behind it, but it works for me everytime.
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