Todays run

Suggestions please. Went for 10 miles this morning trotting merrily at 11 min miles on a flat course (ish) out and back. Ave HR at 113on outbound similar on return to 4 miles (ie 9 miles overall) when suddenly shot up to 160 No change in pace, in fact slowed a little. After I finished it dropped within 90 secs to 68 bpm.


  • HG - Sometimes strenuous or prolonged exercise can increase the heart rate rapidly like this. In view of the fact that it came down again fairly quickly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Normally, an individual recognises the increase like this as "palpitations" - which people complain of feeling like a fluttering in the chest, which can be associated with pain on occasion. Alot of people get them (normal healthy individuals) and they aren't only restricted to those who exercise - palpitations can occur due to anxiety, highly stressful situations, having a large meal and a whole load of other reasons. If it happens again though, I'd see your GP and get him to do a check heart tracing to check on the heart rhythm.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    HG, it's almost certainly an erroneus reading. Quite often the connection between your strap and your chest becomes contaminated and gives strange readings ( I've got a maximum HR of about 180 but quite often get readings in the 200's). If it was something to do with your heart you would almost certainly have felt something strange.
  • georgegeorge ✭✭✭
    I occasionally get the same problem. I use a Polar protrainer NV . On a 90 minute level two run ( 135-144 b.p.m. )Friday, My hrm occassionally jumped to and stayed at 160 bpm. I just stopped to walk for less than 30 seconds and the heart rate returned to what I thought it to be - level 2 .
    I just put it down to the equipment getting 'confused'.
  • Also could be interference - did you run anywhere near overhead cables? There's an area on the way out with one of my runs where there's a major underground mess of wires and the HRM always goes peculiar round there.
    As long as you feel OK and it doesn't happen too often, don't worry.
  • Thanks to all for suggestions. I do take tablets for high blood pressure so I will mentio to GP tonight when I renew my prescript.
    It also happened last week at same distance, on a different route and I put it down to he fact that I was shattered by that time and low glycolen levels. Willkeep monitoring the monitor.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Could also be a hydration problem. Did you drink on your run? Anything over an hour and you really need to be rehydrating. I had a similar feeling (wasn't wearing an HRM) on Saturday, when I extended my planned 7 miler to 10 miles as I was feeling good at 5 miles. The last 2 miles were horrible, partly due to them being uphill, and partly to having not taken any water with me. I also felt my heart rate was up, and I wasn't sweating as much as my usual "I've been running in a rainstorm" level.
  • Thanks to all for messages.

    Doc thinks its bad contacts on chest strap. He tells me not to worry.

    Will take on board all advice, although usually rink 500ml of Isostar on run.
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