Polar S625X

Has the 625x been released in the UK?
I am still waiting in the US?


  • 16th June we believe - oh - today ! There's a thread a bit further back on it. My friend has been promised hers is going out tomorrow.

    We are closer to Finland though.
  • I have an S610. Are the new features of the s625X worth upgrading? What is the cost $?
  • depends what you want i guess.
    the 625 has speed and distance as well as all the HRM features of the 610.

    Sweatshop were supposed to get their stock in today - and they have apparently cleaned out the first UK distribution.

    I am weak. I have ordered one - trying not to get too excited incase I don't get it for ages, or it turns out to be rubbish....
  • My 625 fogs up. Any similar experience?

    Also rather amazingly one leg travels further that the other on an out and back run!

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