Inguinal Hernia Help

Diagnoised with a reducable inguinal hernia 8 weeks ago. Started to run again after many years about 4 weeks back. I'm easing my way into a routine but Monday night had pain after about 15mins with my hernia & subsequently my right groin area, continued home for a further 5 mins & pain was intermittent. I am now resting until doiscomfort goes at walking pace. Anyone else ever been at this stage, had similar experiences? I'm hoping I can stave off worsening the hernia & ultimately having an operation but am well aware I may have no choice ultimately. Heat & Ice is being applied. Any words of wisdom gratefully appreciated - Thanks


  • Have an operation.


    pretty trivial & short operation
    no pain
    no risk of bowel obstruction / strangulation.


    a few days off work
    a month off running

    Apart from that, there's really very little you can do.
  • Er, my experience isn't quite that: post op-6 weeks (5 1/2 to date!) off work, 2 weeks off running and doing Potts on Sunday.
    I actually first noticed the hernia in october when I sneezed!! Running has been comfortable most of the time right up to the op apart from a few twinges when I thought I might have to turn round.
    You can't not have an operation, the sooner the better.
  • Do you have a very physical job Timothy? Just wondering why you managed to get back to running before work - silly question really!! ;-)

    I do agreee, the sooner the better (i.e ask for the op soon and you get it in 'NHS time'). I assisted on 4 inguinal hernia ops today, and all the patients were comfortable and home later in the afternoon - it's not all that bad Glen!
  • I'm a lab technician David, so I'm standing up and movn round half the time. I didn't get home till gone 8pm cos it took me forever to manage to wee, plus (for once) I didn't recover from the GA too well.
    Oh, and for some reason I didn't have keyhole done.
    I forgot to say I'm used to running twice a day but since the op I've only been able to run every other day. Anyway, if I can't run I'm not fit enough to go back to work.
  • Yeah, standing up will do it!! I've never seen the laproscopic procedure myself, but it's only used in bilateral hernias or recurrent hernias. I think that's all to do with a cost / benefit trade-off, but I imagine you'll be pretty sore either way.

    Good luck to the pair of you!
  • I have a pretty painful inguinal hernia, although they said its small. I have pain almost every night in the groin when I sleep, radiates to back of left leg. Sucks.
  • I have same pain but 4 ultrasound rule out an hernia but a bursitis, is it definitely an hernia?
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