Polar s625x

Was waiting for me this morning when I got to work.

Got it on my desk now.

Resisting the urge to play with it.

Can't believe I have already run today - 60 minutes as well, going to have to find the energy to go again now!!!!

Am I the first?


  • Me too! It's Christmas!

    I've been off the road for a couple of months too but this morning I finally got the all clear from the physio to go running again. When I finally got to work, there was my 625!
  • how heavy is the foot pod?
  • Where from?
  • It doesn't say anything in the manual. Comparing it to my phone, I'd say it's a bit lighter. Maybe it's 60g or 2oz?
  • Mine came from www.sweatshop.co.uk
  • thanks. looking forward to your first reports...!
  • well if my wife can spend £200 on an ironing press without consulting me i think i can go and buy one of these.... right?
  • DT - have you got it going yet?
  • ed_m - sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  • Haven't had chance yet. It took me ten minutes to work out how to put the battery in the footpod and then I realized I wasn't going to get any work done today if I carried on.

    The worst thing of all is, I'm wearing slip-on shoes today so I can't strap the footpod on!
  • My training buddy ordered one yesterday also from Sweatshop mail order....not to be outdone I ordered one 10 minutes later ...... I hope you quoted your SAF number and got 10% off £237-00 + £3 postage

    Damm Im just 2 weeks back from cycling the Alps and it would of been ideal on my 310 mile 29,000 feet accents

    anybody want a well worn Polar M71Ti
  • Anybody know what the cycling sensors/ functions cost as an extra?
  • The cadence and cycle speed are £35 each from wiggle. Tempting...
  • had a check on the Sweatshop website and I cannot see them. am I looking in the right place?
  • Scottish Athletic Federation ....there should be a English equivalent to claim your 10% discount

  • Now... Do I sell my timex to get one???

    Reports on accuracy, battery life and reliability please...

    Timex is good, is Polar better
  • Dt - how do I "open the battery cover carefully"??

    I can't seem to get it apart, and the total lack of diagrams isn't helping.
  • david... no one can give you that yet.. they've only just arrived!

    patience my boy.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    being a bit cheeky here - blatantly posting about the company I work for...
    but benny, the s625s are on the Sweatshop website in the Online catalogue, under the Running section, look at Speed Distance Monitors/Pedometers.

    I haven't seen them yet! sob sob
  • to open the battery compartment...

    undo the rubber strap at one end then take off the lace clip.

    now get a screwdriver or something similar. the black top, with the red button on it, will come off if you lever it in the gap at the fat end. Now the whole of the fat end will slide off and reveal the yellow battery compartment inside. the whole yellow assembly slides out so you can put the battery in.

    not obvious is it, but there doesn't seem to be anything in the manual.
  • phone them direct 0208 758 0044
  • I will not buy one.
    I will not buy one.
    I will not buy one.
    I will not buy one.
    I will not buy one.
    I will not buy one.
    I will not buy one.
    I will not...
    I will..
  • pity it wasnt an mp3 player too
  • Ok, no, I've done it - had to use a spoon to lever it off - absolutely petrified of breaking it, but had to be done.


    Started reading the instructions, put my settings in, set up the footpod, really should be working.

    Footpod heavier than I imagined it would be.
    Wonder what it will be like to run with.
    Hoping to find out soon :)

    Also, wristwatch is very big, which I suppose shouldn't be a suprise - but I definately wouldn't want to be wearing it all the time.

    Will give it a little go tonight and report back tomorrow.
  • How much is this in $?
  • $472 full price
    $429 with 10% discount
  • we just got one in the delivery today oop here at Ss York!
  • Annajo, thanks got one ordered.
  • I was all set to order one of these.................then I saw the thread about Garmin Forerunners.......Hmmmmm they look pretty damn cool too........As soon as someone has experience of both my question would be S625X OR Forerunner and a cheaper HRM? I guess at least then you'd have one on each wrist for balance. At the moment I have nothing but I do Love gadgets. Any help in my decision making would be most appreciated.
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