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Like many readers of the Runners World magazine I have accumulated a fair pile and hope to use them for reference in future. However without an index it makes finding relevant articles rather difficult.
If you think having an index in each magazine would be helpful. Please leave a comment on this forum. You never know we may get one!


  • Yes please
  • Excellent Idea
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Sounds good. Maybe RW also have a reference list somewhere for all the old issues too, which they could put on the website in searchable format..........?

    Pretty please, RW.
  • Or RW could do what the computer magazines do, which is to issue a CD with all the content from a given year. This will save space and be fast to search. But may discriminate against the pc illiterate readers?
  • A searchable index on the website sounds good. Maybe they could follow the example of Sight and Sound, and produce an annual subscribers-only index?
  • Excellent idea and also gives a credible response to the question "You can't possibly want or need to keep all those old magazines" !!!
  • Enough already!! You have a magazine, a web-site and a forum! I suspect some of you are just looking for excuses not to run..... "can't run tonight dear, I've still got Penguin Chronicles aug 99- Feb 2002 to finish"

    Now get those shoes on and go outside!
  • Talking of RW, I haven't been able to find a copy in any of my local shops.

    Sutton Runner - if you're from the Sutton next to Carshalton in Surrey, have you had any luck?

    Cheers, Iain
  • An index would be a brill idea. The other day i was talking running with a work colleague, i told them i had read a good article and would bring it in for them to read, when i got home i had to trawl through dozens of old issues it took me ages. Eventually I found the article but an index would have meade things much easier.
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