Mini milestone

In the great scheme of things it's not much, but I ran my first 30 min non-stop on Saturday...and I'm so thrilled! The run included clambering over a tree that was blown down over the tow path where I run, so I hope run/climb can be called non-stop (as opposed to run/walk). I don't think I'd have got this far if it wasn't for all the excellent advice and support on this forum - so many thanks to one and all.
Meerkat xx


  • er do the other meerkats lookout while you run- its not safe for little meerkats out there!

    well done anyway small furry mammmal!
  • Nice one meerkat!
  • THREE CHEERS FOR MEERKAT - what a star!

    Hoping your stitch advice works so I can get there too in the not too-distant future.

    Here's to achieving your next goal

    Take care

  • Brilliant, well done you fleet footed little meerkat.

    Bask in the the glory which is rightfully yours, I hope you treated yourself to a drop/bite of something special.

    40 minutes in 3 weeks time?
  • Go Meerkat - still my favourite animals!
  • Well played, Meerkat :) Take care out there in the wind and rain, though!
  • Brilliant!!
  • Thank you thank you! It's really good to be able to tell you guys! Yes, I'll look out for the wind and rain - I wimped out of running on the Sunday of the recent storms, and seeing the tree down (and a couple of others) I'm glad I did. Meerkat blown into canal doesn't appeal.
    Hope the stitch advice helps, Tortoise...
    I'll try for that 40' in three weeks, Nick!
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