Here is my backside

Haven't been out for a run for, oooo, about six weeks or more now.

I NEED to get out there...

Please give me a much needed kick up the backside

Thank you in anticipation



  • I'm not sure I can reach that high - maybe if you were a shetland pony...

    Here's a poke with a blunt stick. I hope that helps.

    But remember when you do go out don't overdo it.

    Go on. What are you waiting for now? You can have that Jaffa cake when you get back. Scram
  • Did you say jaffa cake???

    <Het searches for her Sauconys...>
  • <melsie gets on all fours and prepares to do an evil two hoofed ned style kick>

    You better be putting them sauconys on.......
  • <bison takes good long run-up and does that snorting, stamping the ground thing that he's seen bulls do>

    (trundle, trundle, trundle, trundle, trundle, trundle (bear with me, i'm building up speed here) trundle, trundle ........ BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!)

    GET YOUR SWEET ASS OUTTA THAT DOOR AND GO FOR A PLOD. (sorry - too much Public Enemy elsewhere)
  • OMG it's a 'Bison with Attitude'...........
  • lol melsie - now THAT was a band - Straight Outta Compton is still one of fave albums for working out to.
  • HET!

    Get out there!

    If i can go at lunchtime today in my current sleepy state then you can too!

    and you know how good you'll feel afterwards :o)
  • Ouch

    Good kicks, folks :o)

    OK. I swear on my Lycra running shorts that I WILL go for a plod this evening....
  • You could go to the daily thread on Training and read Dubai Dave's account of his Comrades race.

    That should inspire you. It has me.
  • Het
    Gentle greyhound nudge from Poddler's pooch to you.......
    I know you will respond to a greyhound after all....
  • [sits on back doorstep waiting for Hetfinch to return...]
  • you been out yet Het???
  • Jj - I've run twice today


    and I never do that - never ever, ever, ever, ever, ok maybe once
  • Hurry up. I've nearly finished these Jaffa cakes...
  • jaffa cakes??

    I did my first 30 minutes plod since busting my back today...

    can I have a jaffa cake please

    <sends posh new baby ned out for het to chase>
  • [hugs Zilla coz he's such a motivated boy]
  • twice in one day????????

    is that legal?
  • Mmmmmmmm - hetfinch -
    strangely quiet - have you been out or not?

    twice in one day - please not legal - my four times a week would be done in two days - makes me feel inadequate
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