What about Everton

I can't believe it we're 6th, look out Arsenal/Man U.

Lets hope the Scousers rule again.


  • Make the most of it WW - the oxygen is very thin that high in the table ... I know, my team used to be there (wallowing now just above the relegation zone) - two points in the last six games - as everyone has been telling me today.

    Boo hoo
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Boooo to Rooney, and Everton,
    not really a football fan but Leeds is my home town, Boooooooooooo...

  • I'll join you Gaz - nice new photo - booooooooo hooooooooooo
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭

    Cheers SR........
  • Going back to a different thread about reality shows, anyone know of one called "I'm a washed-out, clueless, cockerny wide-boy, get me out of here".

    C'mon O'Neill, get your arse down to Elland Road and relegate Venables back to the sofa with Des where he belongs. You know you want to.

    BTW, even though I'm a Leeds fan, that Rooney is a different class. He made Bakke look second rate (I know!, I know!)
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I'm enjoying it while it lasts! Although Rooney has been getting the media exposure there's a few others playing really well, particularly Hibbert & Yobo at the back.

    Sorry, don't want to start an Everton thread but we've won 3 away games already this season & it's only just November!
  • Things are definitely starting to happen on the blue side of the city - at last.
    When a team starts winning the sort of fixtures it usually never wins (& we hadn't won at Leeds since well before I was born), the dressing room atmosphere will start to be transformed - the team will really begin to believe in itself.
    Looking forward to the Derby already...

  • ACW

    Glad I'm not the only Leeds fan here. Why would O'Neill want to go to Leeds now?

    Always thought Venables was a mistake, but this is getting ridiculous. Hope I have to eat my words.

  • Oh SR, Everton fans know what its like in the relegation zone, nail biting finishes to the season are our speciality.

    Gavo, yes Rooney has been getting all the attention, but the team as a whole have been playing with a lot more enthusiasm, it reminds me of when Andy Gray joined Everton and what a big difference he made to the team.
  • Sorry WW but if you hadn't noticed the scousers do rule...we are top of the league and as usual looking down on Everton!
  • BBB and long may you stay there, I just hope that you keep ManU and Arsenal off the top.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    God no! Arsenal are my 2nd team at the moment. I'd rather ManU win it than the other lot.

    As we sing at derbies "We're blue and we love Man U" - Kopites love that one.
  • Slowpoke,

    Everton are a good team, well organised with a fair bit pace and lets face it Rooney is class, but Leeds yesterday were awful. They're all in the comfort zone. Barmby must be the worst signing in years (and in a team that has Bakke, Harte and Kelly still commanding first team places, that really is saying something.}

    The real crime however is that having got all the Woody/Bowyer/O'Leary book nonsense out of the way, this really could have been Leeds' year to kick on. Woody was getting back to his best and in Rio and Robbie we had 2 genuine world class players, 2 exellent goalies and the ever-improving Danny Mills. All that was needed was a kick up the arse for our Aussie friends and for Bowyer to sort out his head and we'd have been half way there. The fact that they sold Rio tells you everyhing you need to know about Ridsdales priorities, and to scumchester utd!!!

    Its going to be long cold winter!!

    Anyway, Jaffa cake anyone?
  • Cant believe I forgot Smithie, the one player at the moment who looks like he gives a sh*t.
  • Hello. I've only just picked up on this thread but where there's a footie thread I'll happily join in. Mind you since I started on runnersworld.co.uk my glorious Gunners have gone on a bit of a blip. This has coincided with a groin strain to my right side: any connection, do you think? If Arsenal beat the zebra-boys (Newcastle) tomorrow, will my groin strain go? Just musings on a Friday afternoon.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Hope so Deb
  • Well, an Arsenal victory and the groin strain is lifting. Amazing what the power of the soccer results can do! A ManUre loss and a Scouser stumble and all is well in my world. Thanks for the kind thoughts, Gavo!
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