Hot After Long Sunday Run

Can anyone help me with a minor problem.

Sometimes after my long Sunday run I find that I can be subject to sweating and high tempatures hours after the run. This normally occurs if the run has either been longer or faster than usual and normally happens when I do anything even remotely physical, like the washing up for example ! This is obviously not a major problem just an irritant.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm the opposite - as soon as I cool down (i.e. about 20 mins after my shower) I get really cold, and I usually end up with the heating on full blast and wearing a fleece jacket for a couple of hours. I tend to overheat when I'm running; hats and gloves come off after about a mile even in freezing weather, so I've always assumed that my body just isn't too good at regulating temperature. I do find that I can feel my heartbeat increasing very quickly for minimal efforts after a hard run though.
  • get the wife to do the washing up is my answer
  • That sounds like a really excellent idea.

    Thank you Suzi Q.
  • I find that after a run a good way to stop myself sweating for hours after is to turn the water temperature to cool at the end of a shower. I think this closes all the skins pores and normally has the desired effect.
  • thats presuming you have a wife of course, if not you'll have to carry on doing the washing up yourself :-)
  • Susi Q,

    I don't have a wife but the girlfriend is a hot little number :-)

    Mr Silly,

    Thank you, I will give that a try.
  • if your girlfriend is a hot little number then maybe thats why your feeling hot. Is she at home waiting for you when you get back from your runs?
  • Susi Q,

    Yes she is and come to think of it the more I see of her the hotter I get. Maybe Mr Silly's shower idea can help with this ?
  • there's your answer then, lots of cold showers.
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