What about Brooks Beast?

Hi team!
It's that time of year again. My trainers are kna**ered and Its time for some new ones. The old pair are Asics Gel Nimbus IV and, whilst being very pleased with them (they got me through the FLM this year + 500 training miles),maybeI should look at some other brand?? I would be classed as being on the heavy side (hence the need for cushioning)but I have recently learned that I may also be in need of some motion control. Does anyone have any ideas, advice or recommendations?
I have tried out the Brooks Beast and they felt great but I would like any advice before I layout any cash!
Kev H.


  • Hi Kev
    I run in the beast..
    I have been fairly happy with them, they have certainly sorted out my injury problems, so I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
    However I'm getting to that point were I'm looking round as they are now 500+. I think I'll go for something slightly more 'bouncy' as they are a very firm ride and my feet take a bit of a pounding. I suppose the perfect solution would be to have a second, more cushioned pair for racing and long runs? who knows...I continue my quest for the shoe that keeps me injury free, helps me run quicker, looks good and lets me leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    Happy hunting

  • Hi Kev,

    I am an overpronator (and weigh 14.5 st)and recently bought a pair of Saucony Grid Stabil, which have so far been excellent (I run on trails a lot and the aggressive outsole is good for that as well as on roads).

    You say that you have learned you may be in need of motion control. Where have you learned that?

    The reason I ask is that if you've managed to run a marathon (and all the training beforehand) in neutral/cushioned shoes, I would be careful before buying out-and-out MC shoes.

    Certainly from my experience, I was developing injuries due to the overpronation which have stopped since buying the correct shoes. My advice (which is merely an echo of all the others on this site) is to go to a reputable running shop and/or a podiatrist before splashing the cash.
  • Kev,

    If you've found a pair of shoes you like and are happy in, buy another pair! I reckon once you've found the perfect shoe, you've a friend for life. If you want to ring the changes, buy a different top!
  • I agree with the comments about checking what you need but if you do want a big guy motion control shoe then the Beast is pretty good. I have had two pairs now (I am 14 stone and overpronate (have orthoses to cure some planter Fascitis) and they keep me injury free (I went to them once the Planter was diagnosed). They are fairly firm but they still cushion. Other than that I have used Asics and Saucony (agree thye have a good grippy outsole) in the past and these three are my brands. P.S. Yes the attraction of 'personalised' shoes did get me to try the Brooks Beast in the first place but believe me I wouldn't run in them if they didn't suit me !
  • Paul Brooks wears Brooks. Anyone else out there have the same surname as their shoe??
    Steve Saucony? Dr Dr Martin?
  • BBB,
    The Asics Nimbus IV are quite bouncy & well cushioned.
    I went to Runners Need who videoed me on a running machine which I thought was great!After trying different shoes on, it was diagnosed that I needed MC.
    Freddie Mercury - Mizuno Mercury....
    Oh God, this is going to get worse. Where's the window.......
    Thanks for all your help & comments, I knew I could rely on the fourum for some sound advice.
    Kev H
  • Kayono Reeves
  • Meant Kayano Reeves (Kayono Reeves would be silly!)
  • Sam Gel Torrance? Its going to be a long night isnt it?
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