Inner Tubes and Tyres

I normally ride with two new inner tubes so that if I get any punctures I just whip out the old and replace with the new (after locating the cause of the puncture, of course!).

However, after years of doing this I now have a nice collection of inner tubes hanging up in the garage which I always say that I'm gonna repair and re-use at some stage. I'm happy to get them patched and re-use them, but I'm not too sure how to carry them around with me so that I don't accidentally create a puncture whilst they're in my pocket. Any suggestions on how this can be acheived, or is there such a thing as a inner tube recycle centre for disposal?

Another thing, when do you say that you're tyres need to be replaced? My tyres (Michelin Axial Pro's) look new and the the rubber is still reasonably thick, however where I've had to remove bits of glass from them, I now have a few 3mm cracks in them. They're not noticeably visible, and in fact I have to search hard to find them, but is it time to replace them when a few splits/cracks appear or do I have a few miles in them yet?


  • Two new inner tubes ? Very good Multi. In about oooh, 20 years of cycling - there have been 2 occasions when I've double flatted.

    Once when I was on my tribars hurtling round a roundabout in a hurry to meet my pals for a ride - hit a pothole and blew both tyres. I only thought it was the front one at first so changed that, and got back on, and then found the other and had to call my mates to bring a spare tube for me. And that was pre-mobile days !

    Otther time was on a run with pals again - 4 punctures amongst the three of us, all at different places with different things. Very strange. But hey - tubes take up no space, so no worries - take 2 to be sure !

    I sometimes patch a tube, and just carry it around in my cycling jersey loose, or in my little under saddle pack. No worries - never rubbed a hole in them at all. The cardboard box that new ones come in usually fall apart after a couple of rainy rides anyway.

    You can patch snall holes with superglue - works quite well with me. Change the tyre definitely if you can see thread through the rubber - that's why I had my last puncture - it was on my winter bike and the guards hid the rear wheel that was as bald as a v bald thing.

    Other than that - I'd keep using them. If you do find yourself getting more punctures though - order a new pair.

  • Nice one Cougie!! (Spotted your comment on Cyclingplus! Same on bikemagic, if you're interested!)

    I've double flatted twice in the past three years! Right pain in the arse!!
  • You might wanna think about taking some of those self adhesive patches too. Don't take up any space, and if you've had that many punctures - a bit of an insurance policy for ya.

    OOoh - bikemagic - not seen that site ! More things to entertain me ! Ta !
  • Multi - ballbuster

    not a chance
  • Unless of course by september i've clocked 90-120m a week - which is the plan

    and my route to work has a bit of hill -

    so maybe a very slim chance - is my ass survives the bike I just got
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    I use repatched tubes until I get 3 patches on them and then ditch.......

    best for me was 5 pinch punctures on one day on the MTB in Mexico - no track pump to hand so just couldn't get enough air into the buggers for the rocky conditions......

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    for the axiel pro tyres just put a puncture patch on the inside of the tyre (give it a good snading beforehand and make sure totally dry before you stick the inner tube back in and put on frame). On the outside a little superglue in the hole and push the sides together.
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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    snading = sanding
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  • Beware all, superglue!
    May seem to work at the beginning, but...superglue relies on moisture in the crack / in the air to cure.....but water also breaks down the material eventually, and you end up with no bond.....
  • I check my tyres every few weeks and just apply a dab if there's a gap there. Maybe it's not permanent, but better than nowt ?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    moisture in the crack??? thought this was about tyres not running..........
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    if you buy happy shopper superglue what do you expect ;O)
    check the label first
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