Nike 10k Richmond Park

Anyone know if it's on in 2004? Hearing various rumours about only 1 major event in the park for the year. Should be one every week....!


  • There's an option on the website ( to leave an email address and they'll contact you with any news of the race. Not that I've actually heard anything thus far...

    One of their staff that helps at the Nike runners training runs (The Tuesday night runs from the big shop jobbie) reckons that it's probably going to happen, but later in the year this time.

    I hope so, really enjoyed the Brasher 10k yesterday!...
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I can't imagine that this won't happen this year - it's become very popular and no doubt extremely lucrative for Nike!

    The fact that the website has been updated for you to leave your email address for further information makes it look hopeful for a race this year. Otherwise they'd surely just make an announcement on the website that it isn't happening?
  • According to Hugh Brasher of Sweatshop (See Chris Brasher memorial run thread) this event will take place in November, but not in Richmond Park this time. No further details given...
  • I saw a poster yesterday in London, I think it said September 24th. Last year you had to register on the website, then get in very quickly on the day they opened the entries...good luck!
  • I'm hopeful that one day they'll take over the hopelessly disorganised and poor value British 10K in Central London - since the Nike RunLondon 10K is very well organised and very good value, but not really in London ;-)

    Maybe the move away from Richmond is a stepping stone to that goal: Hyde Park?
  • Does anyone still have the full results list for Nike 10k 2003 at Richmond Park?

    Many Thanks


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