My knee

A week ago I started to feel slight weakness in my knee after running. I put a support on but as I didn't feel the weakness during, only after, it was only when I took it off that I felt the weakness again.
There is no pain whatsoever, just this feeling that my leg won't support me.
This week I am resting the leg and swimming in the hope that a little low impact/intensity exercise may help.
Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Not specifically but I wonder... Are you doing any weight training? Maybe your muscle is weak.

    I'm rehabilitating my knee after I injured it last year. The trainer that's written my programme has stressed that it's important to keep your legs strong so I'm doing quite a few weights and lots of high intensity cycling to build up the muscle around my knee.

    It might be worth getting yourself to a gym and asking for some advice in that area?
  • Yes, I have had exactly the same thing for about a year now. At times, working with weights, I have been unable to shift even 5kg with the knee in question, while shifting 40kg with the other leg so it definitely is weak.

    I have no pain, just a vague sense that the knee "isn't right." Very much what you describe. It has never locked up or given way while running, although it is sometimes an effort going up stairs.

    I have been to my GP and she did what I assume are the standard range-of-motion tests without finding any obvious problem. Her advice was to build the knee up in the gym, and go to a physiotherapist if that didn't work and I still felt there was a problem. I've done the former (it hasn't made a difference) but not the latter (can't afford it now).

    So, like you, all advice welcome.
  • Hi

    I too have been having problems with my knee. It started with me having no pain, just a vague sense that the knee "isn't right." and feeling weak.  I attempted a run but didn't even get to the end of the path before having to give up as I can't get into a running motion without having pain in my knee and sometimes now hip.

    Have you any tips?

  •   Hi

    When i had a strange vague feeling in my knee, it turned out to be a torn cartilidge. Its perhaps wise to get a professional opinion but i did lots of leg strengthening exercises whilst waiting for surgery and two years later still keep up with the regime. My knee feels ok.

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