Serpentine Running Club/ Runners World Last Friday Of The Month 5K

As David hasn't started a thread for this...I'm doing this, and so are (I think) JJ, ceal, Lady L, MikeFrog, M...any more??


  • Just remember that since last month the registration and the course have changed. Registration is at the bandstand where the NYD 10K starts.
    All information are on the Serpentine webpage <a" target=_blank">
  • OK, I will try teh link again:
  • OK, just use copy and paste:

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    I'll not be there until August - sorry peeps

    Rotten work - never mind i will be back with a vengance (sp!)

    Good luck to you all - do a pb for me. :O))
  • eh?! there are two threads now! Meerkat, I've offered to help/marshal but if I'm not needed I'll be running, so one way or another I'll be there. Does this mean you're back to running now?
  • Fran - thanks - I was lying low.
  • Lars - many thanks for the info - I wasnt aware of that and would have gone to the wrong place!

    I see we're handy to the Dorchester to pop in for lunch afterwards (if I beat JJ). Otherwise macdonalds.
  • No worries, David! Good to see you on Sunday - I'll tell you the full Serpie vest story on Friday, if you can bear it.
    Snail - yes, back to form. Will be great to meet you at last.
  • Does it involve smelly running kit? If so, yuck.
  • No, David, only washing machines and a dodgy mesh Serpie vest.
  • Well, that's all right then!
  • next month UM. promise
  • I'm definitely marshalling rather than running so will cheer you all on!

    Glad you're back running, MK. Are you doing Weds club runs? I couldn't make last night, but will def be there next week - doing the long run though, rather than 2/3 parks.
  • No, doing Saturday runs as I work on Weds evenings, sadly. See you tomorrow!
  • CR is coming too.

  • Workload permitting .....
  • Ooo fab, Multi. I'll get a pic of you this time.
  • I just give it a boing so that people will be aware of the change of location for the registration.
  • Lars and Multi.
    I hope to see you guys today....

    Are you both going to Berlin Marathon?
  • David, will you be taking pictures today? If so can you pleeeeeease take a decent picture of number 103. After every race he drives me mad look for a picture of himself. You took one of him last month when he had his head down looking at his watch. Thanks.
  • Sue - I'll try my best! Runners looking at their watch are the bane of my life.

    I'm in the Dell cafe at the moment. Weather is good, gentle breeze and diffused sunlight. The north part of the course is bordered by the temporary concert venue so less chance of going off route.

    Good luck everyone and see you soon!

  • Thanks David, he's a bit sad in that way but it really would brighten up his year, oops, sorry, meant day :)

    Enjoy it everyone.

  • Sue et al

    Results up on the website now. Photos to follow. I missed Alan on the finish line as someone walked across me. Next month?

  • Photos up now.

    Would be good to get feedback on this month's race. Good or bad.


  • Good! Didn't get lost and found my marshal spot. Or did you mean feedback from the runners?


    ps: For the next 8 days I can't be nice to you ;-)
  • Hi David,

    Course was fine, seemed to be more than plenty of marshals on the course and of course we all had going under the bridge on our minds !

    Not sure if I will be doing this again for a while, next month I will be doing the Wedding Day 7K on the same day, August will be on holiday and September may be a bit close to the Kingston marathon.

    Enjoyed today, remains a good event and thank for all your efforts with the organisation and photography.

  • Lars - of course I meant the runners! 8 days? You mean the committee elections? Anyway, since when have you been nice to me?

    OO - thanks for the feedback, see you when we can, just stop looking at that watch! I'm lucky enough to only get to do the fun bits of the organisation. Malcolm French does all the hard slog and all those poor marshals have to wear those silly bibs in the hot weather (except Lars who deserves it).
  • David - race was (a) great: lots of marshals and never in doubt as to the route (b) horrid - I hate 5ks. but did a pb. Ran with Ben for a couple of K; lovely chap. Thank you for photo of me - I'll order it properly next week. I have one of you hunched over your laptop! I'm up for marshalling next month.
  • UM - congrats on pb. It's not allowed to take pictures of me!
  • well, I got terrible pre-race nerves... and I was just marshalling!

    Think I may have persuaded one spectator to enter next month - I showed him my map of the route and he said with some amazement "but that's my morning run, only I do two laps!" Turns out he thought running from the gate up to the police house, down to the Serpentine and round the lake, past the bandstand to the gate was a mile-long course - so the poor b*gger has been running 10k every morning thinking he was doing just 2 miles, and has never dared enter a race because he couldn't understand how people could do 5k/3.5 miles in 30 mins!! That made my day... :-)
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