anyone near Canterbury ?

Everyone has been so helpful on this site and I agree with the points on finding someone to run with. My self discipline is famously lacking so if anyone is near Canterbury in Kent please drop me a line... if you can cope with a drinking smoking soon-to-be-converted runner ! No... I'm serious, a running partner would be fab. As long as you don't larf too hard.


  • hello Vanessa I live in Sturry any good? I would love a running partner.
  • Hi Carla, yeah I'm about the same distance the other side of Canterbury so it's ideal I reckon. How experienced are you ? I'm still waiting for my shoes to turn up and do my first three minutes ! I used to be very fit so I'm hoping that I'll get back into condition in a couple of months, just hope you're patient. I think you can email me from in here into my private address... not sure. Give it a go and we'll get chatting.
  • Hi Vanessa I tried to send you an Email but not sure if it got through to you . Try sending me one Im so rubbish on the PC. hope to hear from you soon. It would be nice to meet up as its very hard keeping going in the bad weather if you know you will let someone down by not turning up you just have to make the effort.
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