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Needing to feed my addiction so....
Does anyone know of any mid distance events in Scotland over the winter?
There is the Stranraer 10k on 24th November; are there any others? (1/2m, 10 mile whatever).

Also, is anyone from Glasgow considering going down to Stranraer?


  • Seems to be quite a few in the events section, a 1 miler in Moray start of Dec looks interesting.
  • Have a look at the events page on the Scottish Athletics website:

    Hopefully you'll find something interesting on there!
  • Thanks!
    I saw a few things in the events pages, but was wondering if anyone knew of any that were not listed.

    In July I did the inaugaural Crieff 10k, which was an interesting race - a tough route withroad, track and xcountry - which was not listed, and which I found out about by chance.

    The Moray event will be the Lossie 'Turkey Trot'? That may be a bit far to drag my other half and kids.
    Will check out the SAF site too.
  • Anyone know where I can get the summer results for Scottish races. The SAF website appears to have died between April and Oct
  • The Glasgow University 5 mile road race is on this saturday 9th November at Garscube sports complex,Science park,Maryhill Rd,Glasgow .You can enter on the day and it starts at 2pm.
  • Thanks Steven!

    May well turn up for that one.
    A good example of an event that is not widely advertised, and I enjoy these events, they are quite differnet to the bigger prestige events.
    It is good to do some of each. It has to be said that the prestige events tend to provide a bigger adrenalin burst, but often the smaller events are more challenging.
  • I was looking at the Lossi Turkey trot 10mile at the beginning of December (8th I think). As you say FB it is a bit far to go. The Glen Clova 1/2 marathon is tomorrow, but is unfortunately fully subscribed, so no entries on the day. I found out about this one too late to enter!

    I am a fairly new runner, and I have found it difficult to find out about the local races in Scotland, and have had to travel to England on occasions. So far this autumn in Scotland I have done the Jedburgh 1/2 marathon and the Dundee Roadrunners 10 mile. Anybody with any ideas for 10k to 1/2marathon runs in November/December in Scotland, preferably the East (Dundee)?
  • CC,
    How did you do in the Dundee 10 miler?
    It was challenging - I am a fairly new runner too.

    There are some cross country events: Lasswade this weekend and then the Reebok Challenge in Edinburgh (holyrood park) later in the month.

    Stranraer 10k is too long a journey just for a 10k, especially from Dundee.

    Next event that I have found is a 10k here in Glasgow, Bishopbriggs on January 18th.

    But basically it is quite hard to track down events.

    Let me know if you find anything else.
  • Hiya freefall,

    I'm curious. Is 'freefall' a reference to any sort of skydiving daring do's ??

    Scotty (formerly the man who fell to earth)
  • FB
    Thanks for the info, I might check out the Reebok Challenge. Bishopbriggs in January sounds possible as well. I will let you know anything else I find. As you say there is a certain reluctance from the other half and kids to be dragged around to events!

    I managed 1hr22 for the Dundee 10 mile run. It is quite hilly, but I live about 1/4 mile from the start, so I have run it a few times over the last couple of months to get used to it. In fact I ran it again this morning, similar weather to last weekend, so quite a nice run (a bit slower though, and I missed out half of the final hill!)

  • A double reply here to Scotty and CC.


    No daring skydiving adventures I'm afraid. It is a long standing and somewhat convoluted family joke that has its origins in the bunny in a sports car joke! (My husband has a curious sense of humour!)


    If you are interested in cross country check out the events pages in Running Fitness magazine (sorry runners worls!). i have found that it lists some of the smaller road events and it has a lot of multi terrain events too.

    Your Dundee time was good. I did not know the course. It definitely helps if you have done the course before, I find that here in Glasgow for the Ladies 10k and the SGreat Scottish Run. Hills have always been my weak spot, but I am training and improving. Six months ago I probably could not have done the Dundee race. I had set a target of 1hr30 and so was happy to have achieved it.

    It will be interesting next year when I do all the races that I have done this year again. I am hoping for a marked improvement. Although I think it unlikely that I will improve on 22mins 29 for my 5k Race for Life: not sure where I dragged that one from.
  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    For scottish events also check out 7th June 02.xls

    If you feel brave enough there's a Duathlon in monikie.
  • Hi all
    Since you are all looking at Scottish events do any of you live in or around Fife. I am lookinf for a running partner or maybe join a club which caters for the slow (very slow) runner. Not Fife AC they are too fast for me and Dunfermline is too far. Any ideas.
  • Speedy.G,

    I have close family in Fife and spend the odd weekend there, but not regular enough to make a running partner.I can ask around the Crail, St Andrews, Leuchars area to see if there is anything suitable.

    Hell, I live in Glasgow and still have not found a running partner! They keep dropping out on me.
  • Freefall bunny
    I work in St Andrews so the St Andrews Cupar area is the best. Seems nobody runs around here anymore. I knoq there is Dundee Runners and Perth Strathtay but both mean a bit of travelling.
    Thanks for any help.
  • Speedy.G,

    OK will see if I can find some closet runners in St Andrews area.

    Plus if I am in the area we could always arrange to meet up for a run.
  • freefall bunny
    e-mail me when you are in St Andrews and we could meet up for a run if you can run as slow as me.
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